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You’re more than welcome!!

You’re welcome!!

Great update!! Good job making it :D

Looking really great :0 Good luck working on it!!

Very good!!

Very good update!! Also looking a very good game!! Good luck :D

You’re more than welcome!!

Great!! GOod luck with the voting!!

Great update!! Good job making it :D

Congrats for the numbers!! Good luck with it!!

You’re welcome :D

Congrats for the game launch!! Looks great!! I like it :D Good luck with it!!

Very good changes and fixes!! Good job!! Good luck!!

You’re welcome!! I will try to stay in touch

You’re more than welcome!! Thanks also for your support!! It’s really appreciated!!

Looks a great background!! Good job for the artist!! Also good luck working on the game!!

You’re more than welcome!! Oh okay, I understand A person told me that already, as I didn’t know how was the artist behind that really great backgrounds

You’re welcome :D

Great!! Good job fixing it!!

Very good!! GOod job!! Good luck working on it!!

Great!! I like it!! Good job :D Good luck!!

Sarcastic but really fun game!! I like it :D Good job!! Also great backgrounds!! Good job for the artist than made them!!

Great game!! I like than every character have differents mechanics than can help to solve some puzzles!! Good job :D I hope to see the three kologs in more adventures in the future!!

Really great game with an mysterious story behind than will engage you to know what happens next Also the game contains 4 great girls with different personalities than you can stretch relations with one of them So really good job making the game!! Also really good job for Emilia with the final song, I still didn’t arrived to the end of the game but I heard it and it’s awesome!!

Awesome!! Congratulations!! Good luck!!

Awesome!! Congratulations!! Good luck with it :D

Great!! Good luck!!

Looks great!! Good job working on it!!

Looking very great!! Good job :D Good luck!!

You’re welcome!!

You’re welcome :D

Great!! Good luck when it launches November 1st!!

Great!! Good luck with it!!

You’re more than welcome!!

Very good update!! Good job :D

Great update!! Good job making it!!

Great!! Thanks for making it!!

Great update!! Good job making it!!

You’re more than welcome!!

Very good update about Halloween!! I like it!! Good job :D