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Azrael Arocha

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Thank you!

La vida pasa volando ...

So Chill!

Great mood and atmospheric! Great job!

YAY! Thank you!!

Thank you for playing but above all for the insightful feedback XD

Hi! Thank you for testing our game! It's great to see a live play like this one! It's already teaching us a lot!!! 

This was such a fun little game! Quick one too! Keep it up

Yay!!! Thanks man! We're really excited to finally share more!!! 🤩

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

These are very insightful comments!  Loads of things I need to tweak (dificulty, tutorial, Level time bar shouldn't decrease, UI confirmation, earn coins per plant cost and so much more!)

Thank you!!!! I truely appreciate it! 

Thanks man! Yeah, I tried exporting an HTML version, but Unity give me an error that I haven't been able to identify yet. I've been delaying the posting this for too long out of "dev fear" so I thought to not stop because of that error and post what I have. :)

I thought I'd separate it but felt I would be best to go all in... But yeah, I wander who's going to read it all xD

Fantastic as everyone knows,

Something to low and behold,

I thought it was cute,

And also astute.

A game the will happy your soul.


This was my very first ever attempted at a Limerick so be kind and go play the game.

This was quite a bit of fun... A bit challenging but fun nonetheless! Keep it up!

This was such a fun game! Great music too!

So true my friend! You're an inspiration! 


Thank you!

This is just wonderful! How refreshing!

Fun premise and easy to learn!

Loved it... and the music!!!!!

If you don't catch the next bus, you'll be late for work... Again... This driver tends to miss stops, maybe they have something against you, maybe they're bad at their job. At this point in time, it doesn't matter, you must Catch that Bus!

In this endless runner you will play as a nurse or a punk trying to board the bus that will take you to your destination on time. You will run, jump, click on obstacles to destroy them and gain points in order to make catch the bus that just left you at the Bus Stop.

Play here: