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GMLive works with my  other project. It doesnt use the window_set_cursor extension. This one does but if I try to run the server I get this error. Not sure exactly how they relate, not even sure what to search for.

Any idea what stupid thing im doing :]

EDIT: its the latest version, 2.3+

Ah ty for the replies YAL :]

Hi !!

I recently updated to your newer version and wanted to ask 3 things. :)

1) Was there a reason you removed the global checking to stop a cursor being set over and over and constantly allocating a surface.

2)I will test this myself but thought I'd ask too, is it possible to just you sprite_get_texture, in the function window_set_cursor_sprite when ( os_browser != browser_not_a_browser ). That way I dont have to allocate a surface as an intermediate for window_set_cursor_surface_part. Like I said probably gonna atleast test myself :D

3) in window_set_cursor_surface_part, you have 2 lines

r = window_set_cursor_impl(hwnd, d, w, 0, 0, w, h, cx - l, cy - l);

r = window_set_cursor_impl(hwnd, b, sw, 0, 0, w, h, cx - l, cy - l);

both using cy - l, I was just curious if this was supposed to be cy - t

Anyway, TY for the tool again, I been using it in my project for a while tyty

I checked the source code and I fixed the focus issue with ( to wndproc of the window_frame_host )

            HWND game = (HWND)GetWindowLongPtr( hWnd, GWLP_USERDATA );
            if ( game != nullptr ) {
                if ( IsWindow( game ) ) {
                    SetFocus( game );
            return 0;

This just checks for focus on the window and passes it to the game window. Seems to work for me.

Doesn't fix the gamepad issue though :[

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Hi, I was curious if you had problems with Asynchronous System events while using window_frame. It doesn't seem to fire them anymore while being used. I disabled window_frame temporarily and the async events started firing again.

I need Asynchronous System events for gamepad support :]

Any chance it can be updated with 'window_frame_has_focus' function to check for focus, The 'window_has_focus' gamemaker has won't function properly with this.

TY anyway :)