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sure i'll do :D

ngl looks nice

that's master level pixel art, must admit!

Trailer doesn't work :O

otherwise screenshots looks nice!

I wish I could pronounce that name though.

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Feel free to tell me how was your experience with this game, and tell me about the bugs :D

@Kitsu Same happened to me but after a while the boss disapeared. Currently my character is still Walking and Nothing happens xD

Amazing! :D

thank you! sorry for not having replied earlier :(

UPDATE! the game no longer crashes before the end, now posses a simple start menu! (press SPACE)

hell i'm sure it's epic!

shading adds a new real dimension to nes graphisms nice and well done!

added saws and a few level to the game!

working on moving saws!

nice! do you organise other game jams? i'm new i would like to make some friend.

nice, you should do even more

is it me or the road is wounded? LOL

Updated! added a few level, mechanics, and blood (very tricky)!

Hello! i'm new here! just want to show a game i made with game maker studio.

I don't have many thing to tell on me, just that i like lua and that i don't code very well. :)

Now a dumb question: what do we win at the end?

this is scary

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Hello! Remember this game is WIP!

i agree! awesome game!