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I find it very useful, models are looking so good!

You're welcome!

Thanks for the comment! Most of my time was spent trying to reflect the line correctly so I could not design more levels unfortunately. 

I am planing to share my source code on github soon, you can check that out. 

About that grid, I learned that grid method from this pacman clone tutorial: Pacman Clone Tutorial you should definitly check that out.

And about line reflecting, i spend days for that too, i was giving up but i find this article, it helped me a lot: Reflecting rays in 2d game

I hope it helps :)

Thank yo so much for the comment! I'm planning to continue developing it.

I'm happy you liked it! Yes, it needs more levels. I'm planning to continue developing this idea.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for taking the time to review my game! You made a lot of good points, I noted everything. Thanks again!

The story behind it really made me laugh. Such a fun mechanic and it really fits great in theme.

This is my first jam so I had trouble with time but I'll definitely add more levels later. Thanks for the comment :)

yes you're right: D I left most of the work to the last days. I will keep working on it.

I loved the idea!