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Thank you for programming! Finished the last level with energy to spare. :D

Couldn't find any coins in world 'Move'. Would be nice if the game kept track of which levels you beat and told you on the main menu. And how many coins you found, and how many coins are in each level...

Good game! (Though some of the jumps are frustrating!)

The angle of the ball seems to be affected by the tilt of the paddle, which happens automatically. It's not just 'some cute paddle animation'... That means you can pick the angle of the ball when you serve by waiting for the right time... But the rest of the game is up to chance?

I think I figured out that the light areas (which shrink when you lose) give you a speed advantage when you've hit the ball, and the dark areas give the advantage to the Racket of Doom... But if you can't make the ball go to that side of the court besides when you serve it, then it seems to be mostly up to the RNG...

Played tennis and I swear it was a tie game up until the very end. Losing is so frustrating! Are there any tips on how to angle the ball (of yarn?) or how to make it speed up, or is it all entirely random?
The space game is very difficult with just a trackpad. I'll need to dig up that mouse...
Might be nice to have a fish radar for those last few fish on the platformer. I hear cats can smell fish from far away! :)

I made it to level 3, and wanted to try out the new tool. I clicked 'reset' and the music stopped and interface became unresponsive. I hacked my OWN computer? Is this what Reset is supposed to do?

Shhh, don't tell! They might fix it!
(Or at LEAST add 'no way to block flying projectiles')

Had the same thing happen. Don't kill that last tiny robot I guess!

Oh, hi, sorry, Ayelis#0206

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I've followed you on itch, but Discord can't find you. *shrug emoji*

Sorry for the late reply, I don't log in much... I didn't face any legal issues personally. I think if you're not doing it for profit, you should be fine. Keep me posted, I'd like to see how it goes!

Once the game starts, don't just type 'leave'. Look for keywords in the things people say. Specifically, there are four consequences for which you need to prepare, for the demo. You can tell when you see a message in orange text. Try asking about the 'objective'. Maybe you'll see some keywords in what the team says...

If I hadn't have lost my wallet on the shuttle from the airport, I'd have uploaded Halflife Puzzlescript in time. :/
Combined with the Puzzlescript Engine failing to save portions of the source code multiple times, lack of wifi, jet lag, etc, I'd say this project was star-crossed.

Maybe I'll try to rebuild it during some other game jam where I don't have to take a flight somewhere.

Only if you start making your game today and it didn't exist before. :P

Something that just occurred to me; when pushing a cannon to an embrasure, you can push it in from the side, and it will automatically point itself toward the correct embrasure and lock into place. You don't need to push every cannon straight toward the embrasure to get it to arm itself.

This might be fairly obvious, but it might catch someone up if they think that's what they need to do all the time.

Anyhow, thanks again for playing! :)

Hope you're all hanging in there! Luckily work gave me a four day weekend so I've got a few days to work the kinks out of the system I'm building.

Anyone care to talk about what you're making? I'm excited to hear about the possibilities!

Hi! Thanks for the reply. There should be a way to beat each level without pulling cannons, but I figured, why not. It's more realistic this way. :)

I've gone and done it again. I've created a Discord Server. Feel free to join if you like. If you have any questions or need any help, perhaps this will be an easier way to network. I can't guarantee someone will always be here or be attentive, but we'll get around to it within a day or two, promise!

The symbol representing the four Diamonds together (and thus Homeworld) is found on the 'V' key. To get each Diamond individually, use lowercase 'v', less than (<), greater than (>), and carat (^). I believe capital 'O' is the glyph for 'sun' or 'star', and lowercase 'o' represents 'planet' or 'moon'. That's all I got. Let me know if you have any theories!

Ooh, tricky! Well, I had a bit of fun anyhow; I got to about 290...

I've tried building something like this in the past. It's really tough! Good work!

The (optional) theme for the game jam is "Getting the Band Back Together". Interpret that however you like.

Good luck!

A neat concept and nice graphics! It would be fun to see some additions to the game.

I like the graphics and the style. I feel the hit boxes and draw-order could use some work... Also, the game becomes unplayable after a few minutes of play (it keeps the high difficulty while resetting the distance!), but restarting the app fixes that. Overall, a pretty good concept. If you decide add to the game, power-ups or extra hearts would be nice!

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There's a way to solve it without exiting the castle. Just push the top cannon down. (Perhaps I shouldn't have made that exit so easy to find... Then again, there is an easter egg outside one or two of the castles...) It's really my first puzzle game, and it was sort of a tradeoff between puzzle difficulty and the time I had left to finish the game! Of course, it's a bit harder without Undo, Reset, or the secret Cannon Pull maneuver, but it's possible!

The last level is actually based on Bodiam Castle, built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge. I hear he was well paid by Richard II to fortify it against French invasion. So I tried to put that story into my game. ;)

Thanks for your comments!

I enjoyed the game. Some of the puzzles were difficult to figure out, while others had multiple solutions providing a diverse level of challenge.

I'm tired of winning! ;)

I'd agree, but Puzzlescript doesn't give you a whole lot to work with as far as fonts go, unfortunately. It can be recompiled, sure, but that takes some work!

I really like the concept. It gets a bit difficult around the second platform, since the birds are so small and the spell length is so short. Perhaps it would have been neat if the birds froze into stone blocks that were easier to push around (which could also make it easier to click on them)... Or if Ambrosius could pick up statues (and catch falling statues). Overall, a fun concept! Great work!

If you get stuck, you can press X to pull a cannon backwards. ;)

Good luck!

Better than I can do in PICO-8! :o

I was expecting more when all the rocks were cleared away, but this should be enough for now... *runs away with all my gems*

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That 3x3 font is awesome! Game is a bit fast and gets repetitive quickly, but dang this dude's a machine! That pixel count though, LOL!

Grandle Jam community · Created a new topic (Secret) Teams
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If you'd like to join a team or start your own, feel free to sign up at!

If you have any issues, please let me know.

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I'll try and answer some of the most common questions here.

"Will there be a theme?"

I can think up one or two of those! I'll let you know when the jam starts.

"Will the theme(s) be optional?"

Absolutely. But you WILL get extra Pearl Points!

"Are there prizes?"

Well, there are no "winners" per se, as art is subjective, but I'll think about it. There's some nice stuff on Etsy.

"Are teams allowed?"

Certainly. Feel free to fuse with as many gems collaborate as much as you like. We recommend CrowdForge...

"Do I need a team?"

Nope. It's definitely possible to build a game in two weeks. I've built a game in a day before. Plan ahead! If you think you've got the time and energy for it, you can even join multiple teams!

"May I use assets I've already built?"

Go ahead! Make the best game you feel you can make.

"Can I make an AR or VR game? Unity? GameMaker? PuzzleScript?"

Absolutely! Can't wait to see it.

"Do I have to make a game about the Crystal Gems?"

Games don't have to feature SU necessarily, but they should have the same spirit.

"Is this jam only for kids?"

Nope, this jam is for kids of ALL ages.

"Can I make an adult game?"

Please don't. This is a family show and a family jam. Besides, there's a different jam for that.

"Can I do something that will get me in legal trouble?"

I'd prefer you didn't. Don't infringe copyright or otherwise break the law.

"Do you have a Discord? Teamspeak? Vent? Mumble? Skype?"

Alright, I'm trying this out, so we'll see how it goes. Here's the Discord link. It was surprisingly easy to set up. So much so that I accidentally created a new user account while I was doing it. I've remedied the situation since then. xD

"Can I get that sweet Glyph Font?"

Sure thing! I've shared it as a game asset here. I made it in Glyphr Studio online.

"Does this jam take place at a location?"

Just this online location.

"Have you hosted any other jams?"

This is my first. I hope I'm doing a good job so far. I'm open to suggestions and constructive criticism, so please speak up if you'd like to see some changes.

"How much SU have you seen?"

I've seen it all. I've got the DVDs. I've got the art book, the fusion book, the music book, The Answer, etc, etc. I'm looking forward to getting the records and a cheeseburger backpack to carry them around in. But this isn't about me. How much SU have YOU seen?

Can you write up a small list of instructions? I'm on PC so... I've been able to figure out how to bring up the 'keyboard' and type things, and even erase them, but... fonts? butterflies? spiders? beef? What are these things? I feel like I'm missing out... And how do I type a Z?