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I’m looking forward to it~ I wonder if it’ll have cute Cinnamon-like characters like this game! :3

I really liked this game~! I needed the easy modes and the dashing mechanics, and only really got stuck on the first minigame of the second half of the game. Cinnamon was my favorite character~ Cinnamon was cute, and Cinnamon is Cinnamon! ^^ I’m looking forward to more cutesy games, if you make them! :3

Being cute is great~ =w=

Just finished the game. …It was easier to go through the map files and find the passcodes for the “nani” and “naze” (actually nase) passwords, than it was to figure them out myself. There was no in-game close button at the title screen, and the English parts weren’t perfect. Hiding the save room was a bit annoying, but I discovered its existence through trawling the map files.

For future readers: The shortest way to get past the final boss is to go down until you see a ghost, go left and up to go upstairs, go to the upper-leftmost door in the upper-left corridor, examine the cutting board to pick up a knife, equip it from the menu (third option down), then open the fridge, get some apples, eat one to get to full health. Then exit that room, go up the middle path and use “2122” on the left code thing and “2114” on the right. Then go through the door, into the next room, and use the knife attack special skill twice to win. Worst end is getting no hiragana, neutral is getting some, true end is getting all.

also wants Yummahs <3

I felt really comfortable reading this light novel. Very relatable, and a very comfy read. Thanks for writing and sharing this.

That was a fun prologue. Excited for the full release, if there is one down the road. I wonder what all the alternate solutions are for these puzzles, I only figured out the tutorial one.

I just finished your game! It was fun, although I couldn’t find the entrance for the red key for the longest time, and there was one puzzle involving four stacks of boxes and a yellow switch at the top of the room which took me forever to figure out. It had a nice difficulty curve, and the cute atmosphere was wonderful!