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you can drop the last stack instead

you can hold the consume button.
and I don't know how consuming from the main screen should look.

just added auto equip, you can enable it in the settings.

hmm, probably your energy is below 0 somehow.

I released a fix, please tell me if it works for you.

a lol, thanks.
no idea why i decided to name it chestplate.

thanks a lot again.
I'll try to fix as much as I can today.

this is the math for speed boost
completion_time *= 10 / (10 + total_speed_boost)

I did it so there wont be crazy speeds like 0.00001 with a lot of potions or items.

multiple potions are intentional because as you mentioned, you sacrifice inventory space for them.


these are some really good suggestions and ill come back to this multiple times.

already working on some things mentioned here.

thanks a lot.

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i'll fix that so the window closes after you consume all

thanks :D

an "are you sure prompt" for what btw?

not a bug, didnt have time to implement it yet.


ill try to figure out why the the game stops running when tabbed out.

thanks for the feedback.

thanks for the feedback, im still thinking of ways to improve the ux

it was made using godot and i use cfg files for saving.


Thank you so much, it's really motivating.

Dave Dave Dave, is a retro style hardcore platforming game set in an unknown world for you to explore with a single goal, reaching freedom.

Modding is done using the Godot Engine.

1. clone the game:
2. make your changes
3. export as .pck
4. put the .pck file into the mods folder inside the game data files
( AppData\Roaming\Dave Dave Dave )

A huge time saver, thank you so much for this.
Would be awesome if you could add a license so it will be more clear on what is allowed :)

because it is
be harsh, I wont get offended.
good things are appreciated as well.

list of thing i didn't like:
1. music
2. bad ui
3. no timer to show how long you survived

this is the updated version:

this could be a cool secret as it took me some time to get there only to realize its a prop.

great visuals.
could really benefit from a bigger screen as you have to memorize enemy positions and paths.

glad to hear, but no. there is no ending.

was made in 3 days, i'll add more stuff for sure

Am I missing something or all you can do is to grow plants?

personal record: 00 : 09 : 40 : 941

Not sure what that glitch means, but double Pressing a WASD is a small dash.

Thanks for the feedback 😊

could you add cmd+a to select all?

That's why you should never pick up the trash.

overall a good start and looks promising but as long as you have more than a single brain cell you cannot lose

Thanks, this review was super helpful and I saw you stumbled upon a bug during your run, 2 rowans haha.

Keep an eye on new updates.

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Thanks for sharing :)

Linux version?

Only when i'm playing