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i'll be adding more stamina related items over time, thanks for the feedback.

just fixed the souls and possibly the crash.

is it because the game feels harder now?

probably not.


fixed it, please tell me if you encounter it again

found it and fixed it

looks like the memory leak is still there, gotta investigate what causes it this time...

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memory leak... omw to fix it.

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i'll look into it.
do you have any idea of what it may be?
also if you can submit the error that should pop up in the console (F12)

congrats :D

the % reduction will be shown next update


looks beautiful

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it's per item ofc

edit: it will check dodge chance on each item, so if you couldn't dodge with the first one it will check for the second one.

im limited to how much information I can provide in game and some stuff can only be solved by a wiki.

but i'll give some info that's in this version

- every run there are 20 available items (potions not included) and they change every phase (10 difficulty levels)

- upgrading a piece costs gold (the price is shown)

- escape chance just gets lower every difficulty level

if you want to discuss anything about the game feel free to join the discord.
a clicker based rogulike game in development, would like to hear your opinion


What is the license? can I modify those assets?

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There is no forward sword slash (when you see his back), and shooting is only to the sides.

Hey, would you add snipers to the pack?

you can drop the last stack instead

you can hold the consume button.
and I don't know how consuming from the main screen should look.

just added auto equip, you can enable it in the settings.

hmm, probably your energy is below 0 somehow.

I released a fix, please tell me if it works for you.

a lol, thanks.
no idea why i decided to name it chestplate.

thanks a lot again.
I'll try to fix as much as I can today.

this is the math for speed boost
completion_time *= 10 / (10 + total_speed_boost)

I did it so there wont be crazy speeds like 0.00001 with a lot of potions or items.

multiple potions are intentional because as you mentioned, you sacrifice inventory space for them.


these are some really good suggestions and ill come back to this multiple times.

already working on some things mentioned here.

thanks a lot.

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i'll fix that so the window closes after you consume all

thanks :D

an "are you sure prompt" for what btw?

not a bug, didnt have time to implement it yet.


ill try to figure out why the the game stops running when tabbed out.

thanks for the feedback.

thanks for the feedback, im still thinking of ways to improve the ux

it was made using godot and i use cfg files for saving.