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suggestion to add something like a note that can be sticked to a monitor etc.

mind if i show you the character i made?

discord: axilirate

oh alright thats fine, was able to make it close enough myself.

also, not sure how many people asked but creating characters for the pack would be great as theres not many good ones on itch atm.

yep all there, btw i want to recreate the texture effect to create assets for the game using this pack.

is it ok if you share the process?

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figured out that some of them are combined, like the wooden floor is a concrete as well.

seems like the blender file is missing some asstes

something i found online or made myself?

ugly ai art

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if you have any issues try to delete the cookies

i think i fixed it

update: i think i fixed it

probably the game is becoming too heavy for browser, will have to move the game to steam instead.

there should be a demo on the steam next fest.

its a bit late but will be ready soon!

i'll be adding more stamina related items over time, thanks for the feedback.

just fixed the souls and possibly the crash.

is it because the game feels harder now?

probably not.


fixed it, please tell me if you encounter it again

found it and fixed it

looks like the memory leak is still there, gotta investigate what causes it this time...

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memory leak... omw to fix it.

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i'll look into it.
do you have any idea of what it may be?
also if you can submit the error that should pop up in the console (F12)

congrats :D

the % reduction will be shown next update


looks beautiful

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it's per item ofc

edit: it will check dodge chance on each item, so if you couldn't dodge with the first one it will check for the second one.

im limited to how much information I can provide in game and some stuff can only be solved by a wiki.

but i'll give some info that's in this version

- every run there are 20 available items (potions not included) and they change every phase (10 difficulty levels)

- upgrading a piece costs gold (the price is shown)

- escape chance just gets lower every difficulty level

if you want to discuss anything about the game feel free to join the discord.
a clicker based rogulike game in development, would like to hear your opinion


What is the license? can I modify those assets?

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There is no forward sword slash (when you see his back), and shooting is only to the sides.

Hey, would you add snipers to the pack?

you can drop the last stack instead

you can hold the consume button.
and I don't know how consuming from the main screen should look.

just added auto equip, you can enable it in the settings.

hmm, probably your energy is below 0 somehow.

I released a fix, please tell me if it works for you.