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This is Resident Evil 1!

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My two playtesters both asked me this question, and seeing how there are no cutscenes yet, they felt I should provide some explanation.

Level 6 is supposed to be like a holodeck, the A.I. is displaying a simulation of space to confuse the player.  This will eventually be all cleared up with a cutscene.

-Thunder Cannon/enemy projectiles can be seen through doors.  This is a bug inherent with the engine I'm using and short of getting my hands on the source code I can't do too much about it.

-Thunder Cannon projectile will not hit enemy if door closes in line of sight of enemy.  I am unclear if this applies to enemy projectiles but it doesn't seem like it.  Pretty sure I'm still taking damage from them even when the door shuts abruptly in my face. This is again related to the bug in the engine mentioned above.

-Certain environment sprites do not allow enemies or the player to fire through them even though they should be able to.  I've been working on this.

Feel free to add anything you might find so that I can slap the hell out of it.

Oh yeah, forgot to add this:

-Made crosshair easier to see