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Was about to say that to this day you can go play Super Deep Throat, which this is basically a stripped-down version of.

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Warning: wall of text ahead.

Ok, so I definitely broke it lol. Once I realized what engine the game was made in I started using the "Z" and "X" keys to open and close menus.  The game does not like this.

Apparently using the default "X" key will go back to whatever menu/menu option you were at before. This seems to cause some issues.  I tried to back out of building banana farms (I can't remember if I hit "ESC" or "X" to be honest) and instead all the GUI's disappeared and I was moving the background image of Casa Grande as if it were a character sprite.  Hitting "ESC" brought up the party menu, which as far as I know is never supposed to happen.  I found no way to make the GUI's come back from this point. Unfortunately I have no way of knowing if this issue came from the update or if it was there from the start. :(

Also, as a secondary, the banana farm dialog points to the country name instead of the currency E.G. it says it will cost me 600 Tropicos (country name), not 600 Gorditos (my currency name).

I have to admit, I love when people use programs to make things the program wasn't meant for (I do it all the time with AGS). Really clever stuff using RPGMV like this :3 I know what a pain it is but I'd honestly recommend you check out Adventure Game Studio, it was made for stuff like this.

I'll keep poking the game and see what else I can dig up.

I'm looking forward to playing more when I get home from work!

I really like this game so far. I agree with the suggestion of allowing us to directly type the names in as opposed to the RPG-style.

I also think some type of visual feedback as to the passage of time, maybe also a wait button? Unless I'm missing something, it's rather tedious that the only way to update on-screen information is by mindlessly opening/closing menus.

I do like all the options though, this feels like South American "WARSIM" and that's pretty awesome. I'm wondering if it's just best to ban the masonry early on for all the sweet cash.

I always wanted a bite-sized Tropico :3

I LOVE this!

Yahtz I just want you to know I too am something of a wordsmith, so I've gone ahead and named the game folder Star Bum.  

looking forward to it, i'm pretty into this one

Thanks for the reply! Guess I was just getting lucky with the color-matching scheme.

As for the reporters I'll tool around with the files a bit and see what I can get away with! :p

I don't blame you for not remembering lol I leave a project for a week and forget what I was doing, let alone years.


So I saw how to mod in new monsters and that's simple enough but I noticed on the heroes png there were two empty slots...did you plan to have more heroes and decided against it?  Or maybe even the ability to add custom heroes?  I'd love to add a custom hero.
I really like how the game sorts all the info out, i think it's pretty elegant.  I'm also enjoying playing around in the lab and synthesizing potions, they really started coming in handy once I increased the difficulty.

I did have a question about the different colors of the map events and the reporter there a relationship between them?  Does an agent have a better chance if the colors matched?  It seems like it so far but that just may be luck.

I've been working on two projects at the same time so it's going slow but steady...I'll have a demo up soon though!  Hard to get any work done when I keep finding cool stuff to play! >.>

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I've been working on a similar game for some time now and I'm laughing at the fact that I've set up my game almost identically to yours.  Aesthetically it's much different (read:worse) but a lot of the mechanics are the same; if anything you've done it better and I need to step up my work! :p

That all being said, this game is lovely.  I love everything about this and I currently can't stop playing it.  Congratulations on an absorbing and engrossing experience!  I'm gonna tell some more people about this gem of eldritch horrors.

EDIT: Oh man, I've played through this a few times and started poking through files and I have a few questions for you, if you ever feel so inclined as to indulge me.

This is amazing stuff...I'd love to see more like this!

This is Resident Evil 1!

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My two playtesters both asked me this question, and seeing how there are no cutscenes yet, they felt I should provide some explanation.

Level 6 is supposed to be like a holodeck, the A.I. is displaying a simulation of space to confuse the player.  This will eventually be all cleared up with a cutscene.

-Thunder Cannon/enemy projectiles can be seen through doors.  This is a bug inherent with the engine I'm using and short of getting my hands on the source code I can't do too much about it.

-Thunder Cannon projectile will not hit enemy if door closes in line of sight of enemy.  I am unclear if this applies to enemy projectiles but it doesn't seem like it.  Pretty sure I'm still taking damage from them even when the door shuts abruptly in my face. This is again related to the bug in the engine mentioned above.

-Certain environment sprites do not allow enemies or the player to fire through them even though they should be able to.  I've been working on this.

Feel free to add anything you might find so that I can slap the hell out of it.

Oh yeah, forgot to add this:

-Made crosshair easier to see