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Está divertido!! 😂😂

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you like it! :)

Thank you for playing and the gameplay video! :)

Awesome demo!

I love the art, specially the menus. The game is challenging, responsive and fun to play! 

Good job! (>¨)>

Cool demo! 

Enjoyed a lot the art, it's simple but solid. The mechanics was not hard, but not too easy. 

Didn't find any bugs, but the keys to use the potions appeared and disappeared, don't know if was somehow contextual but was hard to figure it out, probably my fault!

Nice to see a realy solid demo, good job!

Halloween Experience 3: GGen


I'm a solo developer bringing for third year in a row a short spooky game for this Halloween! As usual, it's a different story of the previous one, so you don't need to play them to play this one.

It's a first person game with low poly graphics, and it's really different from the typical spooky/horror game. It still contains the spooky ambients and jumpscares, while having a futuristic story, because... it's a halloween experience!

The game is free and available on Windows PC.

Thank you very much, and 🎃Happy Halloween🎃!

Play it for free!

Thanks for playing and the gameplay video! :)

Thanks for playing and the video!

I just released another solo game ready for Halloween, hope you like it!

Halloween Experience 2: The basement it's a short spooky/terror game. 

  • Don't need to play the first one since they are separated stories
  • Short game, average of 15/30 minutes of gameplay
  • Spooky/terror game, made for Halloween
  • Story told by gameplay, animations and text notes
  • Different scenarios
  • Low poly and first person
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • All music is original!

For second year in a row, I'm making a game just for Halloween. This time, tried to make a short story told in five charapters, with more attention to the story and how it's told through environments, animations and text notes. 

Play it free here on


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed :)

Ty :)

Thanks for playing! 

Ty :)

I'm glad you liked it, thank you for your comment! :)

Thanks!! Glad you liked it!

Thanks!! Nice video :)

Thanks! Never trust your washing machine :P

Thanks!!! Nice video and mask, i'm glad you like it!!

Thank you so much!! Nice video!! :)