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This looks pretty cool! I'll be keeping an eye out for a music, less glitches version :P

I'm also unable to sideload via the website

I’d be happy to!

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I'll always be super ecstatic to have more picross on playdate, and it's extra impressive that this was done with pulp. My only real complaint beyond the obvious limitations of pulp was that I felt like I was being assaulted by the percussion sound in the music ^^' especially because it gets slowed down while you're solving the puzzle.

Not really a complaint, but I also noticed the puzzles start out really difficult! It seems like you already kind of need to guess and check a bit from puzzle #1, but then puzzle #2 is really easy.

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Awesome!! It's a little weird that you can set the hi-score by just skipping levels, but the honor system should do just fine. My only other critique would be that you can't really tell the difference between the water and the street. Players unfamiliar with Frogger might get confused.

That would be greatly appreciated. If you scrub diagonally in one direction it drops to around 10fps. If you’re trying to cause slow down and just roll your thumb on the  dpad, it drops to sub 5 fps.



100%d the game! I’m not too proud of it but my endless score is 3700. It’s tough! Really love this game!

Unzipping and re-zipping allowed it to get by the online sideloading, but nothing happens when I try to install it manually on the playdate. It'll say it installs, but I can back out and check again and it will go back to showing as uninstalled.

Having a blast with this on my playdate! Fun tip: reset your file before making save data, it’s cool.

Any news on a fix for the frame rate while scrolling around? I’ve been wanting to play this but it feels pretty bad.

Unfortunately I had to stop when I finally got to the actual water carrying mechanic. There’s no way I could keep the playdate as stable as the game requires while also cranking it and using the dpad to move, unless maybe I used a clamp and crunched my device a bit. Maybe if I flipped the screen? The world is cool to see and I like the idea of needing to crank to move as a robot, but in practice this feels like what it must have been like to try playing Kid Icarus Uprising on an original size 3DS, except maybe worse? It was fun getting the collectibles, but I’m not sure if I’d have ended up needing any of them, since they’re a bunch of icons without names or any indication of importance. Good music.

Definitely felt the intent to let the path be a bit more non linear, good stuff! For reference on the volume, Eyeland at max (11) on my playdate speakers matches the volume of crankin’s time travel adventure at 4. 

Anyways, just finished the game and had a blast with it! Followed you on itch and am looking forward to any future projects of yours :)

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Really enjoying this so far! Maybe the soundtrack hasn’t fully kicked off yet, but it seems like I need to max out the volume on the playdate to barely hear the music.

Yeah the volume could definitely be increased by at least 1.5x. I wandered off to the top right area first and just wanted to give props for the little fire going out animation, it’s polish like that that really gets me into the game! Unfortunately because I went there first I missed out on dialogue from the hotel person.

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Seems like a really cool start! I especially loved the character designs and writing. I'll be looking forward to more (if more's in the cards)!