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is there a full rom version to

Purchase? Looks great btw



hey! This looks amazing! Congrats will grab it as soon as I can get muy dumb friends to get together! Will let you know how it goes

right on! keep up the great work!

thanks! You are very kind and talented

amazing is there a way to download it? Would love tu use a controller

amazing! If I may ask, can I get a hint? Stuck after using book :(

thank you very much!

are you telling me I have to complete the game again to check out the endings? I happily will!!!! That sounds amazing! Also if I may ask was the final boss difficulty changed? Gave me more trouble last time 

just finished it and wow!!!! it did spook me! Not fond of the… is it point and click genere? But this game is amazing I enjoyed it a lot thank you very much! If I may ask are there multiple endings? Thanks again and congrats :)

right on!

fren one of the last checkpoints spawned me at the bottom of the screen

could you explain the crown mechanic for me?  You jump towards them, hold up, hold jump and whip???


wow thanks!

needed a new game, friend recommends RDR2, it’s great and everything but this, THIS is what I wanted, vey good game thank you. One of the wizard owls by the very ended pushed me out of the map somehow, prob. My fault for running away like a coward. Very fun hope there is more soon!!! Best of lucks!

any plans for release on iOS? Looks great thank you



thank you for the hard work

Very nice, just what I wanted thank you!

amazing thank you very much and the best of lucks let me know if I can help with the English version Id be happy to help

right on!

fantastic! Good luck I really like the game and the music thank you !

I discovered this one recently and just finished it today thank you!

I went straight to buy the digital one but did not get a download link :( should I wait for an email?

omg finally! 🙏 thank you

amazing can we please get more? Thank you

hey thanks! 

si very good I was telling the story to a friend and he as like wow what movie or book is that? Very amazing gb game, thank you. I liked how the painting changed, it made me say OH NO! Out loud thanks


awesome thank you

wow this is awesome thank you very much 

very very nice thank you, can we please have more? Hope you are well!

thanks I really enjoyed it

may I have a hint to it pls?

wow this is amazing! Thank you very much, that’s how I remember my childhood crazy adventures, music is amazing too I spent I while chilling with mike just listening