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Hello everyone, "Don't think about it !" is now release !

Why should our "Don't think about it" project win the inkJam 2021?

What is the InkJam 2021?

It's a game jam, a competition to develop the best possible game on a given topic in a very short time. This last one of international scale had for theme "You'll think of something" and lasted 3 days.

What is "Don't think about it"?

It's a 3D narrative horror game, where you have to unravel the mysteries of a mansion that contains a demonic presence, "Something".

This presence becomes stronger and stronger each time you think about it. The player moves in a 3D environment in which he can interact with certain objects. The story has several twists and turns and choices that have consequences, and one good ending.

First of all, thanks to the team:

- Jeremy Lecointe - Composer who created the music and its variations for a total of 8 tunes

- Grégoire Thomassin - Developer who ensured the development of post process for a more instance immersion according to the mental health of the character.

- Alexis Chrétien - Lead developer who used his 3 years of knowledge to bring his dialogue engine and his script library.

- Léa Marty - 2D/3D artist who modeled the objects you can interact with and pick up in the inventory. She also gave life to the character by drawing his portrait in different emotions.

- Amaury Hauler - UI artist who designed a clear and immersive interface.

- Seïf Masmoudi - Translator who made it possible to have a fully English version of the game.

- Kevin Pourtier - Game/Narrative designer who created the game concepts, and helped build the scenario.

- Adrien Chauveau - Narrative designer who brought his experience as a roguelist to make the scenario more complex and immersive.

- Brice Beteille - Developer who discovered during this jam the world of video games and put his knowledge of versioning tools to good use for the project.

Then by the quality of the result compared to the competition:

- A 3D game with movement and interaction with the environment.

- A complex scenario with several possible endings.

- Available in French and English.

- Adaptive music.

- And many other improvements are planned for future updates.

There is one day before the end of the vote ! Please feel free to play and give us a feedback ;) . 

 For rate and download =>

Game page =>

More games on my profile =>

bonjour Joh, merci pour ton retour 😀!

Effectivement la mécanique existe dans le jeu mais plusieurs soucis sont present actuellement :

- Le maximal est fixé à 10 ce qui rend peu probable le game over de cette façon.

- Pas de distinction scénaristique entre le game over de possession (santé mentale à 0) et le game over d'incarnation de something.

Nous allons bientôt mettre le jeu à jour afin de faire ressortir de manière plus visible cette mécanique.

Bonne journée 😉!

Thanks for your feedback :) . I will review the translation in a next update ;)

good game but too short. I would like more puzzle. Good challenge for pixel art and 3D level. 

Good evenig Chris.

Thanks for your feedback :) ! Yes, we know about the issues with the door, and we will fix it in the next days.

We made the teleport system because
- this project is made with the same dialog / move engine used for "Derrière les masques"
- it's take more time to do a walkable scene.

We run out of time to integrate and test. But all the history is ready and i will finish this project so stay tuned ;)

Merci pour tour retour précieux, nous allons améliorer cela lors de la prochaine update :).