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I really like the idea of a Muse, Inc, having an "inspiration company" makes me laugh ! Nice one :)

Thank you, that was the mood we were aiming for, glad you liked it !

Thank you, we spent some time thinking about the jam's theme so glad to see you think this :)

Thank you for your comment, we enjoyed working on it and we are glad to see you enjoy playing it :)

Really cool game for a first. Game design & technical issues here and there but from what I see you are quite capable ;)
You made the sprites yourself ? They are quite good and I find it very charming ^^

You can check the 2D action platformer I made to give you ideas ;)
Link to Cursed

Made on Unity too !

Continu like that, I look forward to.

Merci, content que tu ais apprécié.

Merci beaucoup pour tes retours. On voulait faire tout ce que tu as dit mais on a manqué de temps. Ce sera fait pour une version plus définitive ;)

THank you so much, first time my gf has tried to do 3D modeling :)

Sorry to hear that :/

Thank you for your feedback, it's true the interface could be better and more consistent. Glad to see you enjoyed it !

Thank you, I know it is very restrictive to only have xbox controls but I couldn't manage to get more in the week end. The aesthtics and sound we made/chosen by my gf, it's her first game jam (she's not a game dev or artist) and thank you for your comment ;)

Thank you a lot, doing it alone was not simple but I still learned a lot. Glad you liked it <3