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I counted it as one because it's in LGBT. The way I look at it is, the gender is a gender but the transgender part is a sexuality.

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you might not be able to play because incgonito mode blocks certain cookies that are needed for the game to run.

Hey doughnut guy, thank you for playing my game and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Please tell me what you did to get this error message.

Eek make sure you have him depicted as 18+

If anyone needs a music composer dm me using discord : #4074

I make music with Mixcraft 8 and export .wav, .mp3 and more.

Dudes love the song made with Beepbox

i use that alot 2

It would be the picture for the item in game

Hey i have an idea for a item! Its called: 50/50 Cookie!

When you use it it can either give you a Bsoda or a candybar but it could also give you  a Detention or be teleported to baldi!