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Austin The Kat

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Good game, spooked me good. Now I need to get some REAL therapy.

Very fun game, played through multiple endings!

This game taught me a valuable lesson.
Have snacks nearby BEFORE you start gaming. 

Really interesting game here, had a pretty good story I think. The pixel art was really well done, and the music helped set the tone of the game. I enjoyed playing it and made sure to tell people to support the devs, and left a link to the game, on both and Gamejolt.

Really well made game! I mean my laptop was somewhat laggy, and that still didn't stop me from enjoying it. Had a great time playing, and I made sure to leave a link to here, and encouraged people to support the devs so this game can get finished! 

I absolutely lovd the demo. Didn't play through all of it but what I did was amazing. I definitely plan on getting the full game when it comes out.

Was an interesting experience. Got through it in 12 mins (Perfect video length, so that made me happy.)
Didn't learn how to do taxes like I had hoped to, but I guess the real taxes, are the friends we made along the way.

...Wait that doesn't make sense...

Played it, and had fun. 
Not fun playing the game, but making fun of it.
It's all in good fun though, and I honestly can't wait to see it completed.

Well, as a YouTuber, I'm already not a winner, lol.

I made a let's play of this game to celebrate my 18th birthday. UwU

The lewdest aquatic adventure I've been on. (The only aquatic adventure I've been on but...still.) Liked the demo, finished it in about half an hour. Played it again after recording to try and get a different end, but ended up with the same one.
Visuals look pretty good. Principal is DUMMY THICC.
Mako's pretty hot, but I gotta say I like Tippy the most. 
I love goth girls.

An absolutely amazing experience. Loved every moment of the game. Great graphics, beautiful animation, and an intriguing story that made me excited to see what's next.  Amazing work as always Temmie, and good job to everyone else who worked on this game!
As soon as I saw it, and say Tem made it and Toby Fox composed for it, I got so excited that I played it as soon as I got home from school.

TL;DR: TeM mAKe GaME an... MaKE uS PrOUdS!

(Also, the thumbnail was a pain to make, and I wished it could have turned out better but all I have is paint(.)net-)

Enjoying the game so far. Only thing ruining it for me is how much my laptop sucks, lol.

A very well made game, graphics are very well done and you NAILED the old school point and click style of game play. Would 100% recommend this to anyone who loves those types of games.  

Fun little game! I really enjoyed what little there was, and I can't wait to see what else this game has in store. 

Enjoyed the game! Was a fun little experience and I can't wait to see more! You absolutely nailed the Game Boy  aesthetic. Great game, good job! 

No problem, I always make sure to tell people to support the devs at the end of my vids!

I mean after all, without indie devs, let's players like me wouldn't have much of anything to play, lol.

Absolutely loved the game, fun gameplay and amazing graphics!

Enjoyed the game, like the graphics for the most part. Fun little experience and I can't wait to see what else this game has in store. 

I attempted to fix them but they died. Great game, great voice acting and graphics, it was a bit tense but not too tense. Was a nice challenge, but not too difficult. I had a lotta fun playing it, and can't wait to see what else ya could make!

Sure was an adventure. Went to Heck and back for some bread. I'd say it was worth it. Made toast. Toast was a little burned but alright. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for the bread, money is kinda tight this much. Over all, I think it's not just about the adventure, it's the toast you made along the way.

Technically at the end of the way, but whatevs. 

Enjoyed the game, it was nice and short, I didn't spend forever wandering around trying to figure out what to do, and I liked the Twilight Zone-like atmosphere you set. 8/10

Well I had fun playing this, love the story line, the artwork is great!

I did point out some spelling errors and stuff but I guess since you're already working on fixing that now my input is obsolete, lol.
Also, I kinda had a little bit of trouble figuring out what to do, but I guess that's just cause I'm kinda stupid.

I like your use of color to make things stand out better against the black and white scenery.

Anyways, I can't wait to see more of this game and I really hope you enjoy the video!

Well, I had fun playing overall but I got really bored eventually. It was too repetitive for me, and I honestly had no idea if the game even had an end to it.

This game was absolutely amazing and a fairly faithful recreation of the first Luigi's Mansion, and honestly since I'm so blown away from how good the demo is, I can't wait to see the final game once it's complete. Everyone should play this.

I appear to have played the game or something I guess

Thanks! That really means a lot. ^w^

It would appear that I, like many others have done a video on this game.
Mine's probably the best though.
I mean, not really but I'm just trying to give myself a confidence boost.
I'm full of a lot of self-hatred .3.

I played the game I guess.

Well I did just end up hitting a bunch of keys until I died. lol
I guess I just suck at recognising which direction the sound is coming from or something. I do have headphones on, so I guess it's just me being bad at games. lol  

But I rly don't wanna keep doing that part again because I'm a big baby and I CAN'T handle jumpscares. lol

Heyyyyy, so I haven't done a video on this game in a bit. I tried to but complications arose...and by that, I mean I suck at games and kept failing the part where you follow your friend through the darkness...

Halp plz.  .3.

I finished the game, and hooooly crap I loved it! I now intend to play any other games you release. This one was just so good and the ending almost brought a tear to my eye.

This is part 1 of 2 of my let's play on this game. I will post the second/final episode sometime soon. I just wanna say I had a LOT of fun playing this game. It was a great experience and the, it almost made me cry it was so damn beautiful. I now intend to play any other game you release after this. lol

This game was pretty fun to play, I did not manage to complete the game, and I got a bit frustrated at it, but overall it was a fun experience.

I'm glad you enjoyed this episode! ^^ 

What happened was, I pressed 1, when I meant to press esc. And that somehow sent me to the main menu. .3.

It really makes me happy knowing somebody loves my videos, especially the dev of the game I'm playing. XD 
I just wish more people would watch...I put so much time and effort into my videos and it just doesn't seem to pay off... :(

Damn it, how am I gonna be the next Markiplier at this rate? I've been doing this shit for a year now. XD

Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, got a part 3 up for ya! lmao, hope ya like this one. I think this was a pretty good episode.

Well thank you. ^^ lol, I plan on doing a full playthough of the game.
I really wish more people would watch my content though...
Glad you enjoy my stuff though!

I'm sad, my second video on this game only got 6 views...:(

I knew nobody would wanna see me play it after the first one. lol
I plan on going through the whole game though, just for you cause you seem to like my shitty content. XD