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Austin The Kat

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I'm really enjoying this game so far, and I'm currently working on a let's play for it. (I plan to go through the entire game, lol) But one problem I'm having is the game is a bit laggy for me. I move around pretty slowly, and my actions are also very slow. It's probably just cause my laptop sucks though. Anyway, I can't wait to see what horrors this game has in store for me!

This game is absolutely amazing and I really enjoyed playing it. I wasn't able to finish it in one episode, cause I suck at puzzles, but I intend to make a second video to finish it off. 

A very interesting narrative game, with a nice atmosphere created with the music.

The character's voice actor did an amazing job and I loved the pixelated graphics.

No problem, lol. Thank you for making this game so I'd have something to make a video out of.

I had fun playing this game, despite only managing to complete one day. 

This game was interesting. Pretty fun although I only completed one day.

I did a thing. lol
Lots of fun.
Lots of screaming.

I appear to have done a playthrough of this. 

This is a truly amazing, and eye-opening experience. I intend to do a full playthrough of this game. 

This game was amazing! I had a lot of fun playing it.

I HAD AN AMAZING TIME PLAYING THIS!! I plan to do a full playthrough when it comes out. Keep up the amazing work!