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Complete. Thanks for the tip!

Yup. Use it however you want. Crediting is nice too.

Thanks for the kind words! I am going to work on a Sci-Fi Voxel Set soon, so stay tuned for that! :D

Man this game is great! Love the concept, and the art is top notch. Some people are mentioning scaling issues, but I didn’t really notice much. Just blame it on the Unity exporter haha. The movement does feel a bit fast, although it can work if you add some ease in/out for acceleration. That’s just nit-picking though, and for such a short game jam I am blown away

It’s really cool, but I have no idea what I’m doing xD

I updated some settings, so hopefully it’s better now :)

Thanks for the feedback! Do you mind explaining a bit more about what’s wrong with the movement? It seems pretty normal to me

Reminds me a bit of Overcooked, lol

Aww, so cute

Thanks for your feedback! I agree, it needs more player feedback. I think a simple addition we could’ve done was to add a checklist in the top left corner for what needs to be done. But overall, I’m still pretty happy with the result :)

Super fluid, great job!

Awesome game. I love the puzzles, mechanics and how you introduce each one. Mind sharing what game engine/ tools you used to make it?

Wow, this is so well done! Great job on the music and art and everything really. It is pretty hard, but I managed to beat both tracks. Did you use the Godot engine for this? I’m guessing because of the way it loads up in the beginning lol.

Haha, nice. That would’ve been a major twist.

Not bad. I’m genuinely impressed at how many levels you managed to create within the time limit, so good job. One tip I’d give is to use a circle or capsule collider for the player, not a box because it gets stuck a lot. Can’t wait to see more!

Thanks for the feedback. Most items in the game take about 3 hits to destroy with the melee attack. Roombas are only affected by hairballs though.

You’re too kind, haha

Thanks for checking it out!

I’m not really sure why the web version does that. I’ll upload a fix once I figure it out. As for the download, maybe try refreshing the page?

I should probably add a reset button, lol

It can also be used to clip through the whole mountain, lol

Not bad. Kinda tricky to control.

Good job! Simple but effective.

Nice job! Love the atmosphere and music. Was kinda confused on what to do tho.