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The reloading feels weird and is kinda long, i would prefer it if i could reload while walking, but that is for you to decide xD 

 It would also be helpful to see how many bullets i have, other than that it is a fun game with nice art and it fits the theme :)

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Thanks for playing :)

i also thought about making your character brighter to make it clearer where the floor is, thanks for the feedback xD

a little bit too much text for me xD  At some points there is only one continue option for more than 3 texts in a row, which makes it kinda boring, but for 48h it is really a lot and the story is nice. With some more atmosphere it would be really amazing :)

It is a nice idea, but i think the arrows should make a bit more light and keep glowing when they hit something to make it easier :)

Really nice game, but you should make it possible to jump with w and space, since many people prefer space for jumping, so you can just make both hotkeys possible  :)

It is really good, but i think more checkpoints would be convenient and when you die with one character the other should remain where he is in order to make hard parts less frustrating :)

The music and artwork is really good, but you should mention that you can double jump and that you need to jump to the right to finish, i was trying to do something with the crystal thing, because i thought i will just die on the right xD

One of the best games from the jam in my opinion, really unique and beautiful art and the idea firts the theme perfectly  :)

I hope you keep updating it^^

I had something that generates the map at the side when you go there but at some point it stopped working for some reason xD

The death plane is a good idea, i will add that and also rework what happens at the sides, thanks :)

I didnt think about that lol xD

It is more of an Endless Roller^^

nice game :)