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Are any of the game files still available for download anywhere or is their a plan for a public release of any form?

Our group (The Aun Collective) maintains an archive of all sorts of games but primarily MMORPG and indie/solodev/obscure game files for the purpose of historical preservation. Video footage, design documents / release notes, etc are also kept.

Thanks for your time and best of luck with your future projects!

ARG Presents pulled the MZ-700 as their random platform for their most recent show.

It’s great seeing these less popular systems of yesteryear still getting development love!

Jaguar, MD, and Dreamcast versions get a recommend from me. It has a Flashback-meets-Mega Man design to it.

All this talk about wanting a Jaguar port yet nobody mentioned the Saturn. No idea how the homebrew scene is for the Saturn (only familiar with the SMS/GG through 32x from a development PoV and the Dreamcast from the consumer PoV), but this seems like a perfect title for the Saturn.

No idea if there’s a base of Saturn fanatics out there still that would buy it, though. I definitely would!

Is it the same for physical copies for Dreamcast and PS1 as well?

I’m a big fan of the Dreamcast, Jaguar, Genesis/MD, and 80s/90s computers including the Amiga and Atari ST/e/Falcon series. I’ve been working on 6502 asm and C for the NES lately, and when I finish my first game in the next 2 years – I’m definitely going to release it for a multiple platforms when it’s finished. It’s so much easier than 20 years ago to target multiple platforms with a software/game project.

I’m not able to check nitebear.bin until later, but I did claim access to Shoot More Blocks but didn’t receive a second file. Is this a multi-game .bin or did I mess something up potentially?

Great looking NES titles (and not too bad gameplay-wise from the couple of demos I played)! Our preservation group is fairly close to a complete NES rom collection, including numerous known homebrew, oddball Asian carts, etc. Our preservation group focuses on homebrew, indie, solo dev, and obscure titles to help minimize how many are lost to history.

I’d love to do a review article on all 5 (+demo for Orebody) as well as snag all for our archive. Are you willing to do some sort of discount if I purchase all 5? Perhaps a buy 4 and you’ll throw in the 5th game’s rom for free? :) If so, I will give your games the Aun Tumerok stamp of approval. If not, that’s cool too.. I’ll still probably end up getting all 5 anyway.

Any ETA for a server relaunch? If hosting cost is the issue, our group will gladly host free-of-charge.

Great to see you're still at this game! I'm compiling a list of projects to revisit early next year for written articles and some YouTube / Twitch coverage. I'll put this one first. :)

I despise the Mu games yet found my initial experience in this title to actually be enjoyable! A surprising amount of basic competence in game design on display for an Intersect game and ORPG.

Thank you for helping my exploration series get off on solid footing with a good title: 

It works for me today -- from account creation through the game itself. What issue(s) were you experiencing?