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you haven't found the narrow passage which will become bloody that leads you out of Goliath City

Ak ok^^, can we pre-order this game or play a demo somewhere ?

No news since 2 months... This project is cancelled ? I wanted to buy it on steam :(

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Does the current paid version on have the graphic tileset? I plan to buy it if we can play with the tileset otherwise I prefer to wait because I have trouble playing in ascii

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Thank you for sharing, i will check the project if i can do anything with that. I've tested the project without change in an old version of gamemaker 8.1 but i already have an error when i choose the gender ( 

Illegal argument count calling script "ask_question".

Script requires 2 arguments, 1 have been supplied.). Maybe you used some plugin ?

Hello your roguelike is dope. It's one of my favorite roguelike ever. I spent many hours on this. Can you release the gamemaker source project files? I really want to continue your project ( I've seen you abandoned the project) cause it's too bad to no longer develop a such hidden gem. 

same here !

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Thank you ! To run a cart in an executable format, you must have pico-8, load the cart with the load command and next export to .bin with this command: 

export nameofthecart.bin

This creates a folder with windows, linux and mac os executables . That's it !

Excellent let's play ! thank you !

Thank you ! :)

Thanks ! :) :)

Glad you appreciate WrongKynd even if it's not your style of game ;)

Thank you ! :)

Thanks ! I will take a look at that ;)

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Merci :)

Thank you :)

My new free creepy retro horror action game is out ! and his name is WRONGKYND ! Take a look at

My new free creepy retro horror action game is out ! and his name is WRONGKYND ! Take a look at

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My new free creepy retro horror action game is out ! and his name is WRONGKYND ! Take a look at

merci :)


No problem, a note was added at the beginning of the description for the creative commons license.


Welcome to your own nightmare!  

Choose to be a guard, scientist or prisoner, and escape from the SCP Foundation site: a complex where innumerable paranormal horrors are tested by perpetrators serving as guinea pigs and hidden from the ordinary mortals.  

Suddenly a breach of containment occurs and all the paranormal entities are deconfined ... YOU MUST LEAVE  

A horrific game where each game time is randomly generated! Survival horror, roguelike, a little pinch of gamebook and Horrors going beyond your imagination ....  

..... Escape or die trying ....

- A mixing game of the SCP universe and a lovecraftian atmosphere!  

- Fully procedurally generated content! 

 - A nightmarish and stifling sound atmosphere! 

 - Create your own weapon in Orbs Halls! 

 - A graphical "book of which you are the hero" ! 

 - Choose to flee or fight! 

 - The primary horror at its peak!  

 - Every death is definitive

 - An original game beyond the imagination! 

 - Will you reach the end?


 for only 2 € of participation, the full game  will be offered to you when it comes out!

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Hello there !

I changed the link on the Nuka Gangs page  to share  the new version of the Nuka Gangs demo ( 0.1.5 ) with you ! You can download it by clicking on the link :

Update log :

- resources optimization

- Dungeon crashes fixed

- enemies don't shoot after death anymore

Hello there !

Nuka Gangs is a deep and fun action-RPG-strategy-roguelike game with horror and humour set in a heroic fantasy post-apocalyptic world.

This is a very unique game and the project is on Kickstarter now ! Don't hesitate to support us ;) :

and the download link of the demo :