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Hey ifo - we'll definitely have a Linux version available, whether it's DRM free is the question tho.  We plan to release on GOG, and sent them a test build last week.  Just waiting on their approval before we can confirm ;)

Hey Steveo, send me a mail at the13thdoll AT and I'll get you all set up.  Thanks!

Hey guys, sorry for not checking in sooner!  Media is such an odd place these days; DVDs are almost useless, and one wouldn't be big enough to hold the game anyway!  I think it might be more appropriate to just include a flash drive with the game on it?  Ultimately, I think we'll send a poll out and see what everyone thinks is best before we go to print.  We'll be assembling the packages by hand, so it's likely we can customize it a bit too.

Thanks for backing us, by the way!  We really appreciate it!

Thanks for following us kmware!  I get where you're coming from, but honestly, we're super happy with our soundtrack!  That said, we have reached out to The FatMan to use a track or two, but we'll have to wait and see how everything pans out there.  For the record, the FatMan is a pretty awesome guy, so I think we'll work something out.  I'll keep you posted if and when that happens!

The 13th Doll takes place between the original games, and takes place right after The 7th Guest ends!  (Keep in mind, it's not canon, we've just licensed the rights to use the characters tho!)

Hey, thanks for checking in, and sorry WE haven't updated sooner!  Anyway, just posted, and hope to do so more often moving forward!  Thanks for keeping tabs on us :)

Still to be decided!  We're hoping to get anything Windows 7 and up to run the game on low quality settings, but haven't done any benchmarks.  We should be able to know for sure within the next couple months though!

Our lips are sealed till Halloween, but it does lead somewhere ;)

Hey- yeah, the game can be played completely with the mouse (except the escape key to access the game menu).   The game is set up such that the right mouse button moves forward when held down. (This is in addition to WASD and arrow controls.)