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Hey guys, sorry for not checking in sooner!  Media is such an odd place these days; DVDs are almost useless, and one wouldn't be big enough to hold the game anyway!  I think it might be more appropriate to just include a flash drive with the game on it?  Ultimately, I think we'll send a poll out and see what everyone thinks is best before we go to print.  We'll be assembling the packages by hand, so it's likely we can customize it a bit too.

Thanks for backing us, by the way!  We really appreciate it!

I’m a backer I paid $100.00 to get early builds of the 13th doll and on Attic Doors update says they sent early game builds to backers that have that feature how do I get the early access builds name is Steven Mijanovich you will find me on the backers page on website please help me 

Hey Steveo, send me a mail at the13thdoll AT and I'll get you all set up.  Thanks!