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No problem, and thank YOU for these incredibly kind words. We are very happy to hear things got resolved! Nice work. As far as localization goes, you'll definitely be the first to know if we decide to translate this game into Russian!

We make games for one reason: we want people to have fun and be happy (Okay, that might technically be TWO reasons). So to know that you've enjoyed SOS so much really does make our day.

We're deeply appreciative of your generous words and hope that you continue to enjoy our games forever. Your support is vital to indies like us. Thanks for being a fan!


Gotcha! Thanks for clarifying. We'll try and figure out what's going on. We just tried reproducing on this end and got through that moment in the Holdout with no crashes. If we can repro it and figure out what's wrong, we'll drop you a line for sure!

Sorry again, we always hate when people run into problems playing our games!


Hey! Sorry you're having trouble with the game. Could you elaborate on what you mean by the game 'taking off' on you? Do you mean that the game is completely crashing or does something else happen at that point? Thanks!

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Wow! Man, this comment got us jazzed up. Thank you for such a thorough and heartfelt review, means a lot to us that you enjoyed the game so much. It was a huge undertaking for just two people (our team size at the time) and we poured a lot into it.

All of your feedback is solid, and some of it's actually on our longstanding 'stuff to fix one day' list already! This sort of thing is invaluable to us so thank you for taking the time to write it. Can't say we know exactly when we'll be updating SOS again - as we may or may not presently have our hands full with something else wink wink - but whenever we do, this will all be taken into consideration and we'll implement as much as we can.

Keep on rolling!




Done and done! Try now.

Yo! Thanks for checking us out. Sorry you're having trouble but this is definitely a tech support issue - please reach out to directly for support.

Best of luck - we hope this gets sorted out soon so that you can play!


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