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Could've been better if it was written in Rust.

I honestly didn't quite get what you were supposed to do until my third run, and once I do I found the gameplay veeery easy. Would be really nice to have more mechanics in it, and more variations of the enemies probably finding you.

Also an artist's nitpick, I find that the background and the character sprite didn't go along at all.

I really like the level design despite being an utter failure and dying all the time, honestly. Music's also nice. Would totally play an hour long version of this honestly (Joeb please <3)

Basically you need to get away from the sounds, either by breaking everything (so there's no more sounds), or walking away. There's also pills of which speeds up your calm down speed by 5x? (todes please confirm on this). So that's three gameplay options right there

+1 ;D

Too much screenshake! D: Love the vibe of the game and the idea though!

I love them a lot :o your style is lovely

Do you have a some site where I can see more of your art?

Nothing can go wrong with soup. 10/10