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A well polished and interesting game

cool concept, I think this game would be very cool with a bit more polish

dani fan confirmed

Took a minute to get the hang of it, but once I figured it out I had a good time. The music was also very nice

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cool concept, not much polish or content though. Great job still and I really like the art style

Really nice art style and music

super cool game, took me a while to get the hang of it but I really enjoyed playing when I did. Also, amazing graphics (I love the colour scheme and cool transitions in particular)

Thanks for the feedback, I was in a bit of a rush because I completely forgot about audio implementation. It is something I will definitely keep in mind in the future!

yeah sorry I had some problems with the web build (performance, gun placement etc), thanks for the feedback!

I enjoyed this game probably more than any other in the jam. It feels incredibly polished and I really enjoyed the story.

I found 2 bugs (not at all important but thought I would mention it):

- In the web build, the sound is broken (cuts in and out many times per second)

- On I think the second to last level (the one with the obstacles right next to spawn) sometimes the "Level (x)" and "You Died?" text can overlap just because I died so much.

Great game, hope to see more.

(I wrote this here because I cannot rate jam entries, I did not finish in time)


I wanted to enter a project but had exams, but if I had I would have given this very high ratings. Very fun and love the style!

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I very much enjoyed playing this game!

My only suggestions (take them with a pinch of salt) would be for some sort of counterforce so when you release the key you slow faster and for the levels to get harder slower. Great game.


Levels are good I was just being stupid

cool name lol

Thanks for all of the feedback and ideas, I was not working on anything before this Jam and so I might rewrite a few of the scripts and then continue to work on it

Thanks for the feedback, I did not realize until submitting that having navy blue enemies is not a good idea in a space game!

Great, but wasd?

yeah, I ran out of time with the enemies a bit, and it is only just now occurring to me that a navy blue missile is not good when using a black bachround. Thanks for playing!

I love the art style and gameplay

it is very fun

it would be cool if the wasd buttons moved with yours

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I don't know if anybody is interested, but I added everything I had wanted to into the game and updated the project on itch.

>Tanks have different abilities

>Spawn rate increases over time

>Snappier Movement



>Proper UI (Menu/Loss Screens)

yeah I wanted to add the differences between tanks but I just started too late, I will try to add that later. I also might add different enemies and one that fires projectiles would be really cool.

Yeah sorry about that, different perks for different tanks was actually my original idea, I just completely ran out of time. I might add it in and will definitely patch the rapid-fire. Thanks for the feedback!

How you guys managed to get this together in 24 hours I will never know. Amazing graphics and music, although gameplay was a tad repetitive. I love the shifting floors and the turrets look great. This was an amazing project graphically but the gameplay and to a far lesser extent the controls could be worked on a bit.

Although it was more of a story than a game, I loved the atmosphere and feel and enjoyed it greatly. The sound, in particular, was great and I loved the style. A few notes: I think an exit screen would have been nice, and purely for the improvement of the game I will point out a spelling mistake on the 3rd line of text. Great game!

The controls are a bit clunky but this can easily be fixed, I would recommend snappier movement and higher shooting, maybe also make it so that the enemies spawn further away. However, the UI, map and general concept are all great, especially for 24 hours!

the link is invalid