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You need to select the save slot where you saved the New Game+ save file in order to, more or less, load up into a New Game+ run. If memory serves, the file should even say something like "File #: New Game+", with the # being the number of the save slot you saved it to.


May you consider releasing Vampire Survivors on GOG? I buy my games from there instead of Steam whenever possible.

Makes me wonder what would happen if SCP-131 - The "Eye Pods" were involved. Would they be a pair of cute twins always watching big sis (SCP-173 - The Sculpture - The Original) to make sure she stays out of trouble? The interaction would make for a fun future DLC/sequel I would think. Honestly, I would in general just to like to see what cute girls SCP-8008 turns all the other SCPs into. Moé 173 is adorable and I wish I could see more for the others too. I bet SCP-085 - Hand-drawn ''Cassy''would appear to be rotoscoped.

I have some questions after having beaten the game a few times.

1. Can you actually find that mirror in the castle after saying yes to playing hide and seek with it? If so, where is it?

2. I have found 3 books / AO-Chans out on the map. Does collecting them do anything?

I found a post by KevinCow that seems to address, albeit indirectly, most of my questions, and would like to quote the relevant sections here.

. . . “You're right that I don't have deadlines, but I still have limited energy. I've been working on this game that I can't monetize for nearly a year, and I'm kinda burned out. I need to finish it up.”

[. . .]

“And since the next update will be the last, with a Kiara level and Calli boss fight, this level would give Gura at least some stage representation.”

(KevinCow, 2021,

To clarify for you, when I was talking about replaying levels, I was speaking in the context of having played previous versions of the game in the past. Thus in this version, where stages are locked by progression, I was essentially being forced to replay older levels to gain access to the newer levels.

In the past when I opened up my browser to play the game it would always start me completely over. Checking it now, it is actually saving my progress? I guess the game will save your progress if you have a profile with this website? This is the only recent change I can think of that may have resulted in this new development for me.

I have been playing every version sense I first saw Amelia play the game, and I have some questions & thoughts I would like to share with you KevinCow.

1. Progression

It was annoying to have to replay older stages just to try out the new stages as soon as possible. Would it be possible to implement a password system that just unlocks all the stages available for playing in future updates?

2. New Level: Here Comes Hope by IRyS

I LOVE what you did for the stage of IRyS; very creative. Although I will say, I hate that part with the Bubba floating back and forth with spikes floating around him. I died so many times either to hitting those spikes or trying to avoid them only to fall down a death pit from not being able to land on the platform perfectly after the switch. I died so many times there at one point I thought that the hazard was removed to make getting through the area easier, but to my disappointment it turned out it was just at its farthest point away from me in its pathing at the time...

3. New Level: Reflect by Gawr Gura

I was greatly disappointed by this level. It seems like it would make for a better level of one of IRyS' other songs. The long stretches between checkpoints made progressing really frustrating. When I heard the euro beat remix kick in after the switch I was expecting the stage to get more speedy and encourage you to run back, but I was disappointed to find it had the same slow progression as the first half where time was taken up by all the instant deaths and lack of check points. Is this the only stage Gura will get now that she has been given one, or are you open to the possibility of making a stage more thematically connected to her character in the future?

4. Dancing Smol Ame

Would it be possible to add a feature to where, while you are standing still, if you tap the down direction enough she will start doing her little dance? Sometimes I just find myself wanting to groove to the music a little and having that seems like a cute little thing to be able to do.

5. Smol/Walfi Skins

Would it be possible to get Smol/Walfi skins for all the characters in the game? I do like that characters have a look that matches their stages, and I especially love the dancing HoloBirbs, I just get this odd feeling of incompleteness from seeing only Ame and Gura with Smol forms in the Smol game.

6. Ame's Office, Cork Board, Hololive EN

Would you consider adding Haato and Coco to a corner of the cork board? Maybe even with a big question mark pinned next to them? As a nod to them being referred to as part of Hololive EN 0.

7. Level Select File Cabinet

Would you consider adding a level select feature to the starting area? It would add some convenience, especially as the map to select stages gets bigger. I was thinking a file cabinet we could ground pound to open up a stage select menu like we are going through some old case files would be the easiest method of implementation. Or would something like that not be able to work?