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Alright, it works fine now. Thank You! :)

Um... Now it says "The developer has not uploaded a game yet..." at the top of the page, there are no files to download, and the game is not even playable in the browser anymore. What's going on?

I loved it! The art style is great and the dialogue was really funny. I'd love to play a longer version / sequel someday! :)

I finished it in the browser, but I tried downloading the game, and the zip seems to be an empty file?

Thanks for the feedback! :)

I agree that it's hard to tell when the ball is going to hit the paddle, that's why I added the 2D views and made the paddle flash on impact (+ sound effect).

I experimented a bit with the camera placement, but putting the camera further up, at an angle, would make it too difficult to tell where the paddle is in relation to the ball.
Placing it in the middle, at the end of the playing field (behind the paddle, but not moving along with it), also made it too hard to judge the ball's position.

I also thought about adding lines to the walls that show where the ball is along the Z axis, like in this video. But since I wasn't using wireframe graphics, I couldn't think of a way to add them without looking distracting or out of place.

Do you have any suggestions how the camera could be placed instead?

It works fine now, no crashes anymore. Thank You! :)

I just got some triangles stuck in the corner again, took a screenshot this time:

Very unique idea, I like it. Great music, too! :)

I noticed some bugs, though:

- At one point, the triangles all went into the right corner at the top and stopped moving.

- Whenever I attempt to shoot after picking up an ammo pack, the game freezes for a few seconds, then it crashes. It doesn't matter whether I shoot at an enemy or anywhere else.

I tried the 64 and 32 bit Windows builds on Windows 7. The crash bug happens in both versions.

Very pretty! It's interesting to see what the children of different flower pairings look like :)

Nice! Looks and plays exactly like a real handheld LCD game. :)

Awesome idea! :)

Cool game with great graphics and music!

At first I thought I was supposed to collect the glowing orb in the distance, until I noticed that it was the sun. xD

Did I overlook something or is there no way to exit, besides Alt+F4? Escape didn't work and I didn't see an option to quit.

Really cool idea, never seen a snake game with a switch/door mechanic before! :)

I think the game is a bit hard, because the snake moves so fast. It took me quite a few tries until I made it outside to the pink square. But I had fun :)

It would be even better with a score counter (+ maybe a highscore list) and more stages (with multiple switches and doors?). ;)

Really cute game! I loved it. :)

I liked the beach part best.

Hope to see more of Bell, Olive and the others in the future! :)

Yes, you can use any engine.