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thanks! I understand, don't worry! Very kind of you to help :)

I did. The FAQ section says "This proces may take a few days. Please contact us only after you've waited at least one day." I posted it two weeks ago...


I'm experiencing this with the following content:

It has been up f or a while now, and I can't find out what I did wrong or what is missing for it to be indexed.

This is absolutely blasphemous and I love it! Just brilliant!!

Thank you so much for the quick and kind answer! I'm expecting it will be included in the Italian edition then. Awesome!

Hi, I have two questions,

1) is this compatible with the new Augmented edition of CBR+PNk, and if so,

2) is there a way to purchase this in print instead of just buying the PDF?

That would be fantastic, thank you! I can't hope for anything better than hearing people play this class!

Well this is absolutely gorgeous! Perfectly legible AND visually pleasing. Chapeau, this is one of the best character sheets I have ever seen!

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me that you took the time to leave this kind comment! Have a wonderful day!

Ahhh I see! Then I apologize for my misunderstanding and please disregard my previous comment :)

I really LOVE CBR+PNK. I think it's one of the few games that actually get what the cyberpunk genre is about. And I'd seriously love to collaborate with you on your future projects, should you need artwork done for them. I really would (see my link tree for my online galleries).

Best wishes for your awesome projects!

Will you ever consider utilizing voices of actual people instead of AI generated ones? The AI are trained on actual voice actors who never gave their consent for their voice to be used or trained upon, and the software house that created the AI algorithm does not compensate the people whose voice it was trained on...

What a shame.. using AI for artwork, i.e. an euristic algorithm that scrapes real artists' work from the internet, alters and remixes it and then sells it as part of a service without permission or compensating the artists whose work was scraped? Enough for me to boycott any product that fuels this form of corporate appropriation. Hard pass. Too bad. It sounded like a nice game.