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the password is : goldsmiths

the password is : goldsmiths

Check out my new game coffin dance. it's for one of my assignments so, any feedback is appreciated.  It's a 3D survival horror game. you play as an astronaut and you have to escape from dancing men wandering around the map and holding coffin on their head and also you have to find a clue of letters of a word in papers and telephones which are appearing in your way. after finding all letters in hidden areas, you will meet Santa and if the code is right he will give you the key to heaven and you will raise above.

play my new game lamps on.

You stuck in a maze and you have to find the exit door. there are some lamps in your way as a benchmark, you have a limited time to reach each one. if time passes your position on the map will change and you have to find your way from a random point on the map.

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Thanks :) have fun

I'm glad you liked it!:))) thank you for your feedback. 

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The Eye is a  3D puzzle-platform game which is about the adventure of an “EYEBALL” searching for his real home.

 The game starts at a point that our eyeball finds itself locked in a poorly illuminated room. He does not like it and he suggests to escape and find his own home, but for this, he must first solve the room's puzzle to unlock the door!

 “Doors can take you to where your imagination lies.” 

You receive some quotations which are actually hints to solve the puzzle and they each represent a simple component of a house. (you can pass each level with the home button if you couldn’t solve the puzzle and wanted to just go through … :) ) 

After this level, he continues his journey by entering the second and third rooms that also have their own puzzle to be solved to let you go to the next. 

“If it is the reality you want, I suggest you look out the window”, “How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home. “ 

by going through each level your environment gets brighter and more vivid which means that our characters view is changing. 

When you solve those 3 levels you reach a sphere shaped room in which you finally get to see everywhere clearly “and every home is unique”, the eyeball spins around the room to get back to the first point that he started the whole journey! Only now his vision is fine and clear and he sees the room in the way that it gives him the feeling of home! “Home is not a place … it’s a feeling!” and finally the game ends showing that our eyeball is in its right place in the head mentioning that; 

“It’s the way you choose to see your world!”