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No lo pude jugar. La camara no mas miraba pariba and se voltiava :(

Wow.... Could've fooled me about the Underwater thing lmao. I think that would be a cool setting though but nice, glad to see you're still going at it man. I'll definitely try to check some stuff out. I'm currently still going through some shit but, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I'll manage to settle things down in my own place. But I did take some time to check out some things and try and see what you have been up to as well. I kinda lost contact with everyone so, if you ever talk to them, tell them I said what's up. Like I said though, Keep going at it and I'm sure you'll create some hits :) Nice talking to you again by the way. Stay safe bro.

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Hey Wings, you really do have the making of a great AAA creator. I really liked this game. The story and the gameplay was great. This wouldn't be a review if it didn't include constructive criticism though.

I did fine a few things I thought could use some looking into. First was the animation from running to walking. It kind of glitches out a bit when switching between them, which isn't too much of a big deal. Another thing, since the setting is underwater, I don't think doors would creak when opened, if they would, then I believe it would be muffled. As would the footsteps and the pretty much a lot of the sounds.

What I did like were the models, these bad guys look so crazy and the way they sound is great. Kudos on that. The movement as well. I liked how the player wasn't able to run for too long before getting tired. That was a smart move. The gunshots as well. It really felt like I was actually shooting underwater.

The game was great and I would love to see what comes next.

Also, knowing you, I would really like to try out Uni-FPS Controller, not only because I like your stories but, because I do want to support you. Give me some time and I will. 

Anyway, keep it up dude!! I hope the best for you and your team. Good luck!

Awesome!! I can't wait to try it out! Sorry, it took a while for the reply but, thank you for looking into the issue and fixing it :)

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic I'm hooked.

Literally played this game for about an hour and I loved it. You guys should put this on the App Store or Google Play to earn some ad revenue or something. I can see having to watch an ad whenever you run out of money or to get some people or happiness. Maybe even watch an ad to have a "rare" or "strange event" or something. I know I'd watch them ha. Anyway, great game guys, wish you all the best :)

I really liked it but found a bug. If you were to mess the potion up, you'll die, get kicked back to where you mix the potion. However, you'll have the wolf's hair in your inventory and the potion. After I mixed the mistake, I went back to the Wolf's den but nothing happened. I couldn't even get inside the cave. Just thought you guys should know. Great game though and I wish you all the best :)

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I really love this game, honestly. However, I didn't understand some thing. I also ran into a game breaking bug. First, the picture puzzle. I wasn't the only one that didn't understand it so, we all had to come here to look it up. I'm almost sure it's the channels you find on the TV before this level but, I'm not positive. The walking mechanic gets stuck sometimes but, not too bad, just a minor annoyance. Now, the bug I mentioned. I was going around the house collecting the puzzle pieces from the locked cabinets. I was able to collect the puzzle piece in the living room twice, (not sure if that's how it was supposed to be) but, I went back to the kitchen and nothing happened after interacting with the beast on the table. I paused to look for the answer on here but ended up accidentally quitting to the title screen. I tried the "Continue" but, it wasn't working. I closed and reopened the game, nothing. I had to start from the beginning, sadly... Like I said though, it was a great game and I want to finish it but, I figured I should let you know about this, as it's under development still. Keep it up! Can't wait to check the full product.

This....................... scares me

It was an interesting game and I really enjoyed it. I hated level 10 though. I watching another player's video on here in order to get passed it. After, it still didn't make much sense. Overall, it's a really cool, short action game.

For 48hrs, it's not bad. It was very strange, I agree but it was a good play. I think you guys should make a story with that style of gameplay. I would love to see a horror/mystery story being played out in that style. :)

This gave me so much anxiety... so many physics assets lol. I made the damn TV disappear like 9 times, got so many of the extensions bug out and glitch between walls, and my favorite, I was tossed out the world by standing on a box after opening it with a knife. If this is what I'm going to have to go through if I ever get a PS5, I'm good. I'll stick to my PC.... 

I'm glad you accepted my apology. Also, I tried out "Rite of Insanity," assuming it was your latest game and it was strange but pretty unique. I didn't understand what was going on or what the objective of it all was but, I enjoyed it. I'm happy to see how you have improved from this game and respect that. Good luck guys and I hope to play some more of your work! Keep it up.

I have 2 projects on the works too ha. One of which is close to being finished so,  hopefully I will be able to release something soon. What did you mean by a pallet cleanser project??  Also, I'd love to try out those games man, Well, can't try the VR one but the 2D's title sounds interesting lol. What's it about??  Mine's "The Hallow" which is a dude who needs money and participates in an experiment conducted by one of the biggest tech companies in the world. It's an action horror game, like Outlast. Hey, maybe we should collab on a game some time ha, I think that'd be pretty fun.

Sounds good. Stay safe out there. 

Well, kudos to you man. Same thing happened to me. I'm a sound designer and had to learn coding for a few projects. I never released any works though. I feel, if I'm going to release something I want to it to be the best, without bugs (which is probably a pipe dream because even huge games have bugs.) Anyway, I admire that and your honesty. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see what else you've come up with. Stay safe out there :)

Silence Channel community · Created a new topic Wow...

I'm very impressed, seriously. It has been so long that I've gotten into a game like this, especially from Itch. This looks and feels like professional work. I really can't wait until it's finished. Great job guys!! Stay safe and I wish you all the best. :)

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I don't know how many people are in your team but, I am a music producer and have worked in sound design for a few games. You can find them on here too. If you'd like to check them out, look up "Aislin's Story: Bloodbath Trials" and "A Grim's Tale," by Owl Nest Studios and "El Masmelo" by RBD for a scream jam. I only look for credit to expand my portfolio and if there is income, I'm down for that too, I mean, who wouldn't be?? lol. Again, I do wish the best for all of you. If you want to contact me, my email is

This could use some work, honestly. I found a few glitches that you should be aware of. Like the zombie girl would disappear randomly and at times would get stuck walking through the doors or by the floating furniture. An interesting one, which was my favorite, the blonde was stuck behind the entrance to the street and when I tried interacting with her, her boobs started shaking rapidly lmao. As well, it felt like there was no sound design. The voices sounded like they were just recorded and unedited. They also sounded a bit robotic or monotoned. There was a bunch going on at once that I didn't understand what to look at either, so the fear element was gone when trying to find the entrance. Some triggers would also trigger without me noticing or knowing where to look. It felt more like a fun house than a horror game in my opinion. However, I do wish you guys luck and keep at it! I see a lot of potential and hopefully this game will get better along the way. Stay safe out there and I wish you all the best. :)

This is really good. Honestly, the only thing I didn't like about it were the footsteps. They kinda sounded like a bouncing ball but really, that was the only fault I found, which of course didn't take away from the experience. It was weird and disturbing, not really filled with random jump scares which I really liked. The quality of the meshes too, that was impressive. Stay safe and I wish you guys the best. :)

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So, this was fun, really but i believe it still needs a lot of work. I found a that having that many physics assets, though funny at times, causes glitches. I went up to a note on a desk and I guess I got too close because while the note was being shown on the screen, the background started moving subtly at first then so rapidly. A chair launched me to oblivion (Out of the world) and I had to restart. There's also another glitch I found. Once you die, if you click on the "Last checkpoint" button too fast, you'll restart but the "You Died" screen won't leave. If you pause and quit to the main menu then click to play the game, you'll restart at that checkpoint with the "You died Screen" still showing but this time, things got strange. You hear the phone message play from the beginning and a lot of the triggers activated, as if the game was trying to catch up to where the player was. That was something to see, honestly. Also, there are a few pet peeves I had with it but, those are just minor annoyances. The trigger to open cabinets, drawers and stuff like that seems to be off. As in, I had no idea where I had to stand in order to open them. I'd stand at one point the top drawer would open, stand closer and the bottom drawer would open, I'd go back to the spot where I opened the top drawer and the trigger would disappear, or the bottom would continue to open. Lastly, you should make the player's mesh not cast a shadow. Looks odd watching the shadow of 2 arms floating around, although, made me laugh. But like I said, I enjoyed the experience and think you guys should work on it a bit more. Stay safe and I wish you all the best. :)

This was really cool, frustrating at parts, but really fun. I wish you the best, stay safe out there!! :)

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Ah, well, like I said this is great for someone who is learning and what a great way to earn some publicity by entering it in a Game Jam. As for the ambient noises, the only problem for that was they would overlap each other at times and since it was the same sound twice, it sounded a bit robotic and would amp up the volume once they did. They were good, just a bit too close together at times. I have a good amount  experience in Sound Design and am currently with a team creating a Horror Game as well. Since you say it's not your strong suit, I'd be glad to give tips and feedback if you'd like.  Thanks for the reply by the way and I hope to see more of your work in the near future. :)

Wow... this got to me... I'm extremely bummed that it wasn't longer... Damn... I would really like to see more like this. You guys are great, keep it up!

I like the graphics and Mixamo is such a great asset for devs who don't have an animator. Though, there were a lot of faults I found. First, it seems like sound design is missing. The guide voice is too low pitched. You can barely understand anything, which was probably what the goal, considering the main character has Schizophrenia but, it is to be considered to lighten the voice up a notch or 2 and remove a lot of the low end as it becomes really muddy. Also, I feel like you have the "Gather Keys from these rooms" on a timer. Why not add it to an idle stance instead because, it really was frustrating hearing that run over and over when I knew exactly what my objective was. Also, the screams and agony of the patients would overlap, that happens when you have the sound attached on each individual patient with a high falloff radius. Basically, what I feel the goal for that was something like "Outlast." Maybe consider adding the agony within the ambience track itself and separate it or randomize it throughout a 3-4min track. Or, you could also consider lowering the attenuation radius and add different agony sounds, like groans, moans, and random screams when you are close enough to them to hear it. I also had a problem with the running. It seemed that the speed didn't pick up, only the camera movement and it made me sick a bit so, I didn't care to use it. Honestly, this is a great start, if it isn't a start, then I'd consider doing a bit more research into game design, as it is a necessity when creating a video game people would enjoy. Good luck on this though, I would most definitely like to see some improvements on it. You cannot let it die just because it was for a game jam!! Stay safe out there :)

Wow, you guys got quite the crowd waiting to play this game.... I'm gonna follow and wait for the update :)

As far as I know, no there isn't a DM feature, unfortunately but I usually add people to my Discord if you'd like ha. Also, if you need music for a game or anything like that, I'd be willing to lend a hand :) I'm a music producer and have worked sound design for a few teams. I am also pretty well-versed with RPG Maker MV. Been trying to create a short story with it myself, actually ha. Well, if you'd like to talk more, my Discord is Aten#2138

I wish you the best :)

I don't know if I already commented on this game yet and if I did, I'm sorry. I played this game a few days ago and I thought it was pretty fun. There were a few things I found that you might want to take a look at. There was a point where I ran away from her and once I turned the corner into the bathroom, she stopped right at the doorway and didn't move anymore. She just had her idle animation playing and it wasn't until I moved a couple of feet away while looking directly at her that she started on her patrol again. I was able to trigger this around 4 times. Other than that, it was fun and exciting at some points, though, I d have to say, it is kinda hard. Anyway good luck with this :)

Lol, damn.... This has been eating me up inside to be honest. I love escape rooms and this one stayed with me like the "Haunted Hill" ones. I have no idea why but, I really do wanna finish this. Maybe some day... lol

Man, honestly, this game hit home... and hard... I would like to talk to you about it but, I feel it's a bit too uhm, weird for a stranger to just come out and tell you everything about themselves haha. In public, however, I will say that I felt the same with my grandmother who died a few years back as well. Thank you for this. Congrats on creating and uploading your first game by the way and I hope this won't be your only one ha. Stay safe :)

Yup, tried for almost an hour and I couldn't pass it..... I got to open the door with the little toy box noise but after that, I couldn't turn it off. It's cute but a bit too hard for me. Thanks!

So, the experience was pretty good and nice use of free assets. However, there were some things I found to be a problem. To start, I believe you guys uploaded the Dev build of the game and not the "Shipping" build. I say this because once you enter the prison area, you can see the log at the top right corner of the screen that should only be visible during the development and not in the completed build of the game. Another thing, the problem with using free assets is, most aren't game ready. I've used the same ones you have in this game and a lot of them are meant for "showcases" and not actual games. If you choose to add them into any game, they need to be downsized manually, as in, lowering the poly count and such. It's why you're getting the lag and the error that says "texture pool exceeding limit." Otherwise, I like where this game is going. It actually made me jump, which is hard to do, honestly haha. Keep it up guys and I hope to see some more of this.

Omg, this was the best thing I've played in a good while lmao. It's insane that this was created in such a short time. I liked the toilet puns, the puzzles were good but not too hard to solve and the wacky story just made all of this so much better. Definitely worth a replay hahaha. Keep it up guys! I wish you the best!