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Ateas Dhavar

A member registered Dec 06, 2018

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The first thing I did was invade everyones' homes and check out all of the shelves.

I found everything you pointed out. There is just not enough "essence" to do anything with.

 Unless I misunderstood something, I did put the new outfit on. There is nothing else in my inventory besides the random pages I took from all the shelves.

          Also, I do apologize if any of this reads as offensive or aggressive. That is not my intent. I realize my limited vocabulary can be...offputting at times.

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I don't understand..... What? I must be retarded.

I click install, there is a drop down, i click that. There are no options. There is no file to download.

I am technologically inept.

When I click Install, there aren't any options to do so..

There seems to be no way to heal, regain MP or rest (to do the aforementioned) in any capacity. Shops are overpriced and funds seem to be non-existent. So buying potions is out. The earliest enemies are able to one shot you.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to progress. What am I missing?

So is this game done now? Or is there more content coming? 

Fantastic work, by the by! Your artist does amazing work and the story is actually pretty descent. A few typos here and there, but all in all, enjoyable game.

How does the map in the boarding station work? The map comes up, but then clicking on any of the icons doesn't seem to do anything.

Or does it not actually do anything right now?

"With Allies Like These, Who needs Evanie?"

Where exactly is the kellesian war camp? I'm startin to get real agitated.. I've been all over the map and there is no camp.

Ahh. Okay, I see my problem now. I haven't played since 0.35 or so. I haven't done "Go for the Throat" yet, and see the letter on the desk. Thanks for the help!

Oookayy.. I must just be stupid. Where exactly is this "Dark Wanderer" supposed to be? I can't seem to find them. Or did I screw the update up?

I haven't played this in probably over a year soo. I probably just screwed something up..

How do I get the last scene in the gallery? The one below Mako 2 and to the right of Eris. I can't seem to figure it out..