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Gabriel Garcia

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Extremely promising! Can't wait to see further development

Hello folks!

Our team has just published our Global Game Jam 2021 game, it was made with a lot of hard work and love, it's about a fox that loses track of his mother and has to find it again, it should strike you with a chilling vibe of exploration and cozy survival.

We truly hope you enjoy it! Here's a quick gameplay video:

Literally the best game I've ever played

Awesome game

Hello there mate!! We encourage you to enjoy the game in any way you want :) we don't have any built-in cheat codes, but there's a range of options like Cheat Engine to modify your experience as you wish :D

We are really sorry about that! We revamped the save system completely, now it should be more reliable and around 25x faster. Unfortunately, it was a breaking change, meaning old saves wouldn't work with the new system, we did our best to ensure partial compatibility. Our advice is to either manually delete the old save system files or delete them through the game.

Sorry about that again, and we hope that you can enjoy the game with a better save system.

unfortunately the 4GBs of RAM will inevitably make the game take hours to load :(

For the public version? I can try getting you a link

Do you mind sharing your system specs? Such as:

- Are you using a SSD or HDD?

- What is your processor? If you don't know, how many cores it has?

- How many GB of RAM do you have?

Thanks! :D

When did this happen, during launch or mid game? Thanks :)