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Your defiance is misplaced friend. While I vehemently disagree (and I don't want to debate here because it doesn't appear like it will be genuinely received), think of it like an 8bit or PS1 era game jam - the 'restrictions' are to breed creativity. If that threatens you perhaps look inward.

That's the perfect blurb for the back of the book!

Currently, you can find it on the Preorder page for TIME SCAPE:

Great question! Right now you can get a copy on the preorder store for our current TIME SCAPE project:

I don't have one currently, but I can make one! I did one for the Japanese version, not sure why I didn't for the native release... Check back here soon! Or better yet, reach out to me on discord: Astrolich - Josh#8080

absolutely killer!

lol I dont know about that! But I do want to make stuff for this awesome awesome game!

Thank you tons!

Hey chief, need a copy to compile into the file document

I wish i could make stuff this sexy <3

My dude, you are far, far too kind! Only trying to be like you!

This is really good! I love the simple yet random nature of the dungeon!!!

Mighty high praise coming from you! I just hope to reach your level one day!

Hey guys, we've got nearly 40 folks entered into this wild idea - so I figured we could start discussing! How are your ideas coming along? Any luck? Roadblocks? Looking for an idea?

Tell us what you got cooking up!

iirc they also joined Yes for an album in the early 2000's

so long as you can tie it in to the Ikea theme! Maybe theirs a fight club for the precious Alan wrench, or the payment for all furniture is in blood. Winner is rewarded a box so they can assemble their throne at home.

Welcome one and all! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! Let's get jamming!

Thanks my dude! Excited to make it😁

god damn typos - well, guess i'll upload the fix when it unlocks

Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden