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I'm glad that it could give you reassurance. Knowing yourself is an important step in being able to set boundaries, and to ask for help (when you want it, ofc). I hope that things go better for you!

That's perfectly okay - I appreciate that you tried!

Thank you for playing! <3

I'm glad you found this game! Feel free to share it with anyone you'd like :)

This means a lot, thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you got so much out of it. I wanted to present a perspective from a lived experience, without being too preachy or negative-- I hope I accomplished that!

Gorgeous presentation & visuals. My only feedback is that sometimes when I press a button to advance the dialogue more quickly, I accidentally select a dialogue option

Just released today! Deficit is an Interactive Fiction game, based on real life ADHD experiences. In it, you will navigate several vignettes in the shoes of someone dealing with structural and societal barriers in the face of neurodivergency.

You can play it in your browser here:
(Note: Best played in Firefox in Fullscreen mode on a laptop or desktop PC)

Please share! It's #ADHDAwarenessMonth and I'd love for other ADHD folks to play this, and share with others in their lives <3

This looks fantastic! My only note is that I wish that each clickable item also relayed how it also increases the speed/amount of items you get per click