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This game jam is intended to follow the process of professional game development from Concept to Release, and it is a valuable experience to go through all of the steps. We will have submission milestones for each step of the process so even if you don't get it to published you can get as far as you can with it and submit at each milestone :)

Thanks! It is the space bar to return, I will add instructions :)

A -> (A) (for character select and confirm/continue)

Space -> Jump/Boost

Arrow Keys -> Movement

Left Shift -> Shoot (no aim on keyboard)

J -> Skip to next level

Thank you! This was a lot of fun to make :)

Actually I do a variety of things including VR, AR, mobile, PC, and web.  I mainly teach VR so I'm not so much focused on VR personal projects. 

Thanks for the feedback! These are great suggestions we will ad to our list of things to work on. 

Grow your own ammo! Cosmos Arena is a local multiplayer action platformer. Play as a team of intergalactic park rangers on a mission to save an alien planet from a robot invasion. Use toxic seeds from the alien plants in your seed gun - shoot them at the robots to destroy them, or shoot them at the ground to regrow the ecosystem and harvest more ammo! 

This game is in Open Alpha, play now free!

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Foxes are the best!

I really love the art style!