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Project Description

The Unity Zombie Project is a zombie survival game where the player will take on ever increasing horde of zombies. Gameplay revolves around maintaining objectives well fending off the undead horde. The game will be a single player experience spanning 4 Levels telling a story of a survivor looking for escape (generic).

Lighting test

Old premade scene i messed with to capture the tone I want

Why do I want you? [SFW]

 Unity Zombie projects seem to be the same everywhere I took a look and decide for myself why break the mold. I'm looking for a small team maybe 3 or 4 people (crossing my fingers btw!). This project has been in development for the last 8 days meaning I have the basics down Player Controller, Weapon Scripts, Zombie AI, Spawning, and GUI Scripting. The project development has gone smoothly however I have little artistic ability and cant exactly Model, Texture, and Animate.  I'm looking for people who are gonna work and communicate because I want to create a team of dependable people all working towards one goal.

T posing beta zombies

Plans After?

Well we'll see how it plays out but if you maybe wanna keep the party goin after we can take it to the next level ;) 

SlightlyStupid#6537 : Discord