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Good Job!

Thank you for understanding my friend. Inorganic modeling is not very my specialty, but I intend to create some exclusive characters for this content package. My initial idea is to create a content package that doesn't need to use any SGB resource, either images, 3D objects, characters... Trains will definitely be present in this package. One of the major updates will be an exclusive map for an underground station. I didn't quite understand what you meant by, elevation of roads or trails.


I had to make some changes to the itch, to prevent some buyers from asking for a refund after downloading all files, so now payments are no longer processed automatically. Now I have more work to check every day, but at least I have the security of not losing my work to someone who just wants to take advantage.

I'm glad you liked my work, this content pack will surely be the biggest one I've ever created, I've said it several times, but every time I manage to overcome myself. ^^

If you have any requests and are within my reach, please just send me.

I live outside the United States, so all payments need to be accepted manually into my account, it's a little bit of a problem that we have in itch. I accepted your payment, now your download has been released. Thank you very much for buying.

Thansk my friend!

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Then you will love Dev Log #02 ^^

We share the same ideas, this is great, I have all these things in mind that you mentioned. This week's update will add dozens of new features, next month I'll be on vacation, I'll dedicate all that free time to put into practice all the ideas I have in mind. I want to create a content package as complete as I can. Thank you, and keep submitting your ideas.

Thank you my friend, we share the same throne ^^. I have a patreon account, I received some donations right at the beginning, but after a while it didn't work anymore and I abandoned it. I will be happy to send you an access key if you want to make an exclusive video on your channel, just contact me on facebook. Anyway, any financial aid is welcome. Greetings from Brazil.

Thanks for message. This is just the starter pack, I will be working all week and will issue updates or fixes on Saturday. I intend to address as many ideas as possible within the SCI-FI world, indoor maps will certainly have special attention. I already have a hologram prototype, I'm running some tests. Yes, it may seem expensive for some people, but that value is included not only with the current package, which is already quite vast, but with all the possible updates that I can launch. I will not make a SCi-FI 2 package and will charge again. I will write down your ideas and work on them, thank you very much, keep contributing more ideas.

Build a SCI-FI City with this incredible content pack.

Yes, this is the initial package, I have many ideas in mind, I intend to address different areas of the SCI-FI world. Keep sending your tips. Thanks.

Hello, unfortunately not. This is a much larger content pack that is not included in the infinity pack. Sorry..

Good job my friend

Very nice!