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Thanks for your big feedback! We will check the issues you have found and work on improvements. BR

Thanks a lot for your comment. We are constantly working on it to improve and expand the experience. An update will follow soon.

Thanks for your feedback. There will be an updated version soon.

Thanks for the presentation of our game. 

Great style. I can see a lot of effort you put into it. 

Looks nice. Do you have a video of gameplay somewhere?

Thanks for your feedback. We will check this.

Nice game! Keep it up.

The Retro FPS template for Unity provides all you need to create a retro style first person shooter like in the good old times.

+ Create a retro style first person shooter
+ Different weapons, e. g. handguns, bombs, shotguns, laser guns, melee
+ Different enemies including a boss enemy + Dismember body parts by direct shooting or bombs
+ Pickup ammo, health and weapons you find on your way or in secret areas
+ Electro sound tracks and many sound fx effects

Teaser on Youtube:

We have published the Retro FPS template here:

Thanks a lot for your feedback. You can kill the robot by shooting at its belly. There you will see a red kind of healthbar which becomes more red the more you shoot at it. I will think about the magazine point. Thanks.

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Please check the new Retro FPS teaser video.

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We have updated the game in order to provide a map restart. So in case your alter-ego dies and the game over screen pops up, just click on try again to reload the current map. That way you do not have to restart the entire game from the beginning.

Also we have added the tag "made with Retro FPS" as this is our core template for this game. We will provide it soon through the Unity Asset Store.

Thank you for the review! It was a lot fun to watch. We will consider your feedback and will try to improve the gameplay accordingly. 

Thank you very much for the review! You mastered the game very well and i see that the zombies were too easy for you :) If you want you can check the last map for two additional secret weapons. BR

Thanks a lot for your review and your feedback! We will try to consider your ideas in our next update(s). And sorry for the respawn to the beginning! This is one of the higher priority tasks we are currently working on.