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I’ll definitely consider it!

Looks great! I’ll definitely play it when I get a chance!

Thank you =D

Im glad you like it =)

Of course! I sent you a email. (

Your welcome! Glad you liked it. Would love to see what you do with it!

I'm glad! Hopefully you like the new character. I would love feedback!

The downloads have been suspended for now and I will create new characters to replace the old ones. 

It should not blur if you use the proper scaling technique. (Typically Nearest Neighbor)

Thanks for playing the game! Your support means a lot. I may actually turn this into a full game. Thanks for posting =)

Wow thanks so much for making a video! Its cool seeing people solve the levels in different ways than I imagined. Maybe ill consider making more levels 😁

Of course. My email is

Yes I did =)

I just finished a Voxel WW2 model pack and I would love for you guys to check it out here!

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Sure! Email me at to talk.

Thanks 😄

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Thanks man! More coming 😀

Of course.  I am open for commission work for a price that works for you. You can email me at if you want to discuss further.


The art used in the showcase images are the Beach Tileset and Dark Dimension Tileset by finalbossblues. They are completely free. I highly recommend checking out his work.

awesome thanks!

The download package is gone

There are currently 7 secretes in the demo. Maybe i should add a counter of some kind. =)

Yes it can! Simply load in your tileset then you can create your map.

After a couple of days days of work I finally finished my first 2D fighter character pack. Each character has a special ability and a long list of combat animations. I'm trying to help get my pack some exposure so feel free to check it out here.

2D Fighters