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The physics of the game is all done in a 2d mario-like world. I then transform each tile and entity to wrap around a circle, using basic trigonometry.


- Ben

Hi. Just run "./" from the command line.

I don't think so, unless there's a .unity resource hacking program out there somewhere?

Hi! The collision and physics is all done in an invisible flat 2d world (like the original mario). The actual tiles and sprites are then wrapped onto a circle -- it could be done in a vertex shader but we just do that transformation on the cpu. The tiles need to be deformed otherwise there are gaps.

The other builds are up there now.

Well that was quick, cheers! :)

You're welcome. It's just a quick hack job :)

Thanks for playing, everyone. It was a fun week. :)

Haha great. Thx for playing :D

Thx Tartle! Yes this is a drop-in replacement for NMS -- equivalent in all facets.

Open the game folder. Shift and right-click and choose "open command window". Then type the command mentioned above.

Yeah... to jail! ;)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback, we've fixed many of these issues now :)


Haha thanks for the Let's Play. Yeahhhhhh there may not actually be a princess. ;)

We've fixed many of those issues and will upload a new build very soon. Thanks for playing!

As for the source code, we'll see what happens. If we don't continue developing it then we'll probably release the source code.

Sign up to the mailing list, and if we do expand it we'll let you know. :)

The universe is so big it's very unlikely.

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shift and right-click in the game folder -> open command prompt -> type "NoMariosSky.exe -resetPrefs"


Thanks for all the suggestions! We'd really love to do all this but to be honest we probably won't have enough time. Thanks for playing. :)

Magnificent icon coming soon.

Thanks, and thanks for the video! :)

We just updated the build. The zip marked LudumDare is the old version.

Yep! We'll probably expand it out and re-theme it over the next few months. :)

In the input dialog, try setting the "Fire1" to space.

Proper controller support is in there now. Hold the jump button down to go faster in the ship.

Glad you liked it :)