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I won in less than five minutes lol... nice 

This is like a scratch game

Not even close.

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My creations side by side. I couldn't get their DNA for some reason so I posted an image. The third one's head is always twisted for some reason. The game is highly buggy, you can't exit out of challenge mode or delete buildings. They can't pathfind as well. 5/10.



This game is kind of racist. It seems like your only goal is to start off as an all-black house and marry your members into the whitest looking people available to elevate the average skin colour of your house.

The man said it. Incest was and still is very common in historical royalty, not even limited to europe itself. It has existed since ancient egypt and the famous Tutankhamun married his sister.

Ironically, the game window size is too small for my window. To mitigate this, go to inspect element, select the game iframe, and edit the width/height attributes. You can see your computer resolution by going into settings > display if you're on windows. 

Ah yes. The Pashtun Empire

This game isn't shit

I sold the trophy but never got it back :|

I love this game! I finished it in about ~1hr and the hang of it is pretty easy to get a hold of. The graphics are cute, but for a paid game the features are lacking. 

Winner winner chicken dinner

They can just buy your house like it's nothing. You have no protection against rich players, and even rich players hunt you down if you're rich too

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Amassed a fortune of 50k and 6 houses, 3 vending machines, and 5 cash machines. Everything was going well until the guys below and above me started chasing me with a hammer and they had superior speed. It sent my heart racing the entire time and I tried to hide in a house but then they just bought it and entered it. When they killed me they said "XD" and went on with their lives. I'm never playing this game again until pkers go away. 

On top of that I have no idea how to feed the baby or give him toys or put him in a cradle. I bought all the toys and had access to multiple cradles yet I couldn't figure out how to put the baby in. Even though I had all the resources, when I respawned as a baby it had basically no skills and was on the brink of dying. Also, the movement is very clunky at times. Basically, this game sends your heart racing all the time. You have no protection against rich players, because all the houses you buy they can buy too. 

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Welp...Finished the game, lags so badly and I capped at 10k population with 100 happiness score. 

Tip: For any future players, more pathfinding threads = smarter AI = more productivity

Edit: Now my happiness is xD

 Please make it so that you can type in the values for job priorities, it gets nightmarishly difficult when you have 10,000 citizens and you want to set a job priority from 1000 to 200

So far

First game in "the final earth 2" game

I like how you kept the original space ship

I have a few complaints, "freeplay" isn't true freeplay, you still have to work for things, and I want to be able to control the hair and skin colours of my citizens so I can create an all blue-haired alien colony

This game is confusing. It says all packages sent after 2/1949 have to be declined but every single package I have received so far were sent after 2/1949, and when I declined them I lost credits. Why?

I kept trying to clear my local storage and refreshed the page afterwards but it just kept resetting back I don't know why

Also, I played for an hour and I have a few complaints - When you max out the prestige upgrades, they all say recycle in the prestige menu. Secondly, I find completing the game to be dissatisfying. You shouldn't have removed the magic orbs, and when near completion I expect the progression curve to increase tremendously until you reach infinity, then the player is satisfied and will leave the game with a smile on his face. 

Thirdly, the player can hinder his progress if he purchases lots of grey upgrades in the first place, you should make it so that you can delete upgrades whenever you want to maximise profits

Lastly, the colouration is a bit confusing. I keep thinking the green orbs are more valuable than say, the blue orbs. The player should be able to choose a colour palette that pleases them the most in settings. For me personally I would prefer if there was an option to convey the value of the orb through some colour gradient, like the lowest value would be red, medium value purple, highest value blue, etc.

I tried clearing my cookies, tried clearing my cache, tried using a VPN, nothing worked. WTF is this developer using to store data? Why don't I know about it? Why is chrome so opaque when it comes to these things?

How do I reset my this game data in this game? I accidentally upgraded the grey one too many times and now my earnings are in this game lower in this game because in this game I am a new player in this game.

What are the cheat codes?

A web game without fullscreen is not a web game. Because you didn't add a fullscreen function, I was forced to script it for myself using tampermonkey.

Here are some ideas. Make a separate page for evolutionary trees, and add a fungolite evolutionary tree. Maybe add plantols that are larger than fungols and can become trees or weeds depending on the evolution. 

Here is by largest idea: Add a graph that lets you see everything through time, and I mean EVERYTHING, from the number of every fungol and animatoid species, to the number of zombs, etc

Won the game in under 250 turns and didn't even count

I have a comment. The health bar display system on the old prototype was better. I don't like the health number constantly appearing and disappearing for this one. It's confusing