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now i'm glad we don't have a garage, nor a car when i was younger!

thankkk uuu <3

ik i'm like 2months late to the comment, but PLAY IT AND IT'D BE 10000000000/10!!!

lmao what an Anya moment xD

Hi, may I ask what happened to the Bewitching Sinners webtoon? The link seems to be broken? (I came here from CUPID). Oh and also, do you happen to make webtoons? I thought I'd ask since I really like your art style and your creations' story appears to be interesting imo. ^^ 

my annoying a** is really satisfied by this game. i like how it got pissed off lmao

i know it's been a year, but thank u (lol) i almost sit myself there for eternity

aww, cute game. i like it! 

the rumor and choices had me dying fr

good game, LOL

this happens to me too, i can't zoom it out fully, & the dialogues were just blinking like crazy :'(

Hi, I'm kinda late but the link says 'Page not found.'

whatever you say, just go back to your roblox game cause youre definitely the one who's stupid

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I'm experiencing it again, too. It's not very often for the images to load, it's broken most of the time (on my end). I just use VPN to make it through. :3 

It's alright now. Thanks! 

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I've been unable to see images from the website at all. Tried it with my phone and everything but it just won't work. At first, I thought it was a connection problem, but my internet was alright; so I do not know what to do right now. I've been experiencing this for a few days now, so I decided to post it. I really hope it could get fixed as soon as possible. Btw, my ISP is GlobeAtHome (Philippines), do you think it had something to do with it? 

Bo is hot. The story has a potential (to become long). It's so so cute, I wish it never ended, LOL. Great game, the end was hilarious.

first game i played from angela. it was rlly short, but i like it!

tried both ends on chapter v, it was pretty. the ending made me feel empty and great simultaneously. even tho the game somehow crashes, it was ok as it is a short game. i can't believe that i am finding visual novels like this JUST NOW, but i am rlly loving it!!! <3