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So atmospheric and creepy, and the sparse writing enhances the experience!

So good! I love how you created quick time events in text form!

Really liked this!

Thank you for playing and I'm happy you like it!

I might add the option of going back to the last choice at some point, initially I was envisioning making it more immersive for player by not allowing quick take-backs of choices, but some people did suggest it, so I should probably add it.


This was beautiful and heartfelt, and the music made it even better!

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

I'm glad you liked the game! No, the game doesn't stop there. I can play it up to the end. Is it possible you haven't scrolled down at the screen where you're stuck? The text goes on even though there's no scroll bar (it's a pretty unpolished game!). Also no, I didn't include a way to restart, although I probably should in retrospect.

Loved it! Very clever!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Great writing, and very polished!

It shouldn't be so relatable. T_T

This was very subtle, and very creepy. I appreciated that you conveyed the horror through atmosphere rather than jump scares. The black and white palette and the lack of in-your-face violence made this look very old school to me, and it had more of a sad/tragic vibe than an evil one.

Very beautiful little game! The graphics, sounds and puzzles all great! I love how you managed to tell the story without any words, and I want to know more about the Librarian and the plot - what really happened?

This is impressive! I love the maze element in the gameplay, and the writing is also very good! I felt really bad for Daedalus and Icarus.

Loved this! Well written and very creepy.

That was great! Really loved the non-verbal dialogue and the options the player is given. Bird is an interesting character and I'd like to know more about his backstory, his relationship with Tye, and the reason for his mutism.

That was great! Loved the visual elements, and the combination of sci-fi and horror. It's very intriguing.

That was really good! I liked the puzzle elements. They were challenging, but not too hard. I figured out there was probably going to be a twist halfway through the game.

One thing: In the bookshelf in the living room, if I click on the scary book, there's a typo. "childern's" instead of "children's".

Thank you so much for playing my game!

What did you think was the most difficult choice?

Really scary! Loved it!

Glad you managed to play it after all!

Very cute little game! Loved the artstyle (the palette is very reminiscent of the greek countryside) and the music. I also liked what you did with the fifth fragment, I didn't expect it at all! :D

I really like this! It's fun to play but also teaches you different things about ancient greek mythology. Love how inventive you were with the monsters and rewards! And the randomly generated worlds are great too.  :)

Thank you! I tried to make it pretty interactive. I'm very glad you enjoyed it.  :D

Hmm... have you tried using another browser? Which one are you using? Are you on Windows or Mac?

I'm not sure if the game will be fine on Mac but if not I'll try to find another way to upload it so you can play it!

Love it! I laughed my ass off xD

I think that Ash wants someone who can fully love them in the way they want to be loved, which includes honest emotional responses (that SAL cannot provide). I think that's what everyone wants really. Again this might just be me projecting but Ash saying that they don't mind SAL being so logical and different from them, is a bit self-deluded because Ash wants to continue the relationship.

I think Ash will drift away eventually once they realise that SAL and they want different things and SAL cannot give Ash what they want. But as I've said this is coloured by my own experiences with relationships. I think I'm reading this as a sci-fi parallel of "I love you but you only see me as a friend" and I've been there like many of us have been. In these cases trying to remain friends is difficult and people tend to drift away. Not always but this has been mostly my experience.

Then again this is just an interpretation. Everyone sees different things and that's the beauty of art, isn't it? :) 

I hope you enjoy playing my game and I'd love to see some feedback! It's a rough first effort but I'm proud of it in a weird way. I was a bit hesitant to make a twine but after playing the great twine games in this jam I'm pretty encouraged. :D

Enjoyed this game. I made choices that reflected SAL being unable to feel true love and that just made the game sadder. I will replay to see all the routes, so here are my answers! :D

1) Not really, that's not a factor for me in any choice based game.

2) SAL for some reason I visualised as one of these sci-fi robots with white, shell-like casing (think like the ones from the film I, Robot) and Ash as...Ash Tyler from Star Trek Discovery, because that's what comes to mind these days (big fan). I did mentally assign genders: SAL female, Ash male. My perception is obviously coloured by my own orientation.

3) As I said before I made the choices where SAL is unable to feel true love and Ash accepts this, and they remain friends.

4) Liked: the poignant, self-reflective POV and the sadness. Disliked: the music. It's not bad, but very rarely I can abide music while reading. It's distracting. Purely my own problem and not the fault of the track itself.

5) Sadness mostly. I felt bad for Ash, because I think they wanted something more from the relationship that SAL can't give them. I'll replay and see what other paths are like, though.

6) I would like to see them again, but I think not together. I'd like to see Ash with someone who can fully give them what they want, and SAL with another robot who is as analytical as them. Or possibly by themselves too.

7) I'm honestly not sure and any kind of prediction would just be me projecting my own relationship desires. With this in mind I think that Ash will eventually drift away from SAL.

8) I love Steven Universe : 3

Great game! I liked the creepy story and the protagonist, and the cool graphics.

Loved the humour, the art style and the modern dialogue. And the little meta touches!

Loved this one! I like the idea of telling the story through chat logs.

I like this, especially the Blessings and Curses! The board looks very good too, clean and simple design. Could easily see this as a strategy game! ^_^

This is a very nice little game! I like the ancient greek themed art and the music.