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my keyboard doesnt have arrow keys,   so i use a software called “AntiMicro” to remap input (you’ll need Z, X, and arrow keys). it takes a minute to set up but really helps. a word of advice- be careful with WASD, because at one point the game instructs you to press “A” for a puzzle and it really screwed me up because i had to map a new button to be the literal “A” key on the keyboard. hope this helps

the art in this game was absolutely captivating; i was very motivated to see everything i could!  the soundtrack and text options/graphic were super haunting and there were some surprises (NOT jumpscares) that took me just off-guard enough to turn the lights back on.  EXCELLENT game overall.  :)

i loved the gameplay style!  the use of the log and codex together with choices is a very intersting concept that i would like to see more of in the future : )

i also liked that there wasn't a dull moment.  very fun dialogue!

i loved this genuinely

the art was charming and the dialogue was really natural!

i must've played it over a hundred times!!!!!

well i'm pretty excited for the remake!

that experience?  at first i was ready to stop playing but the story actually was pretty interesting, just told in the way that a 10 year old probably WOULD tell it.  very off-putting, no wonder it was tagged horror!

wow this is absolutely brilliant!  right when the (amazing) voice acting started i immediately knew i was playing something professionally made! i wish more games had the format of this one, that allowed me time to think and dramatically increased the tension without any major jumpscares (VERY MUCH APPRECIATED) despite a lot of scenes taking me off guard.  solid disturbing imagery, but i only once found myself covering my eyes (so i could still play!) AND no tutorial needed while still feeling scared! 10/10

very interesting concept!  would like to see more from you!

wow this is a grand improvement from the original liar liar 2!  i love the new sprites and many new paths!!!!!  very very entertaining to get all of the endings i could :)

wow!!! the story turned into something least expected!!!

it was extremely fun to find all the endings i could and at some points i got a pretty skeeved out (LOVE the updated bad ending art!)

a very fun 15 minute quest!  your art style is so adorable-- it's captivating!

i played this game with my sister, and it was a very fun and brain-teasing experience to try and find all of the endings.  we felt this kind of tense pressure, and there were no smiles and laughs due to the tension--WE HAD TO SAVE TIM!!

we both loved all endings though.  definitely unexpected every time and we didn't know whether to be happy we unlocked a new ending or sad because of what it entailed! lol

i loved this game!   i just played it a week or two ago, so here goes...

what i liked: the sarcasm of the surgeon, overall message, the changes in the scenery the more you visited (pretty unsettling)

what i didn't like: i was expecting more horror, which i guess is a good thing because i wasn't covering my eyes after my first playthrough even though i did feel like something was genuinely off about the whole ordeal (mood done right!)

names and hobbies: i just kept changing the name to silly things people have mistaken my name for.  i think i put crocheting as hobby?

this game was pretty unsettling with its graphics, awesome music, and overall concept, but the story was SO involved!  i loved every second and i felt so screwed up for it.  when i tried to tell a friend about how great it was or asked for advice on certain choices, they were shocked and horrified that a game with such a dark concept could keep me intrigued like that--so bravo!

now this was one of the most tense 15 minutes or so of my life.  i played it again, seeing if there might be multiple endings as with other text horror games, but the second time reading (watching?) was twice as unsettling as the first.  tension at its finest!

i love the art style and the gameplay style with the cell phone was very creative!

i was honestly pretty spooked the entire time, even afraid to put down the phone--i'm so glad that it was not the gateway to a jumpscare (i hate those).

even without jumpscares, this game had me shaking in my boots almost the whole time while also delightfully intrigued at its puzzles and story.

i made an account just to comment on this game because it is absolutely SPECTACULAR!

what with the warnings in the beginning, i expected a game that would try to gross me out like porpentine's cyberqueen--but there was so much more to it.

i was on the edge of my seat with the sounds and art style, but after my first run my fear quickly turned into determination to see all of the endings.  boy, i do not regret it taking that extra time one bit.  (this is probably the first game that i've gotten all of the endings on without a walkthrough, which is what makes it so special to me)

very excellent game, very spooky but has a lot of heart.