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Ashen Wolf

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My saves don't work, I copied them over like I did any previous update and they're not working.

Fun game. Wonder what horros are in store for us in the future?

Seriously needs more work, keep getting killed by Sirenheads that aren't there and even on potato settings it doesn't run very well.

So, I'm towards the end game, and I have the quest that says talk to Rika about Gwen, but she's not giving me any info.

There was an update, it was a bug, enjoy.

It probably said that this game wasn't known to the program, it wouldn't be this popular and getting patreon support if it was a virus.

So, here's a few things I'm thinking of regarding a few notable female characters in the game we currently don't have constant access to (And Jess)

So, on the basis that we can trust Jess, I think that Ann (A female scientist in the super secret science part of this game) is hiding in the barricaded cabin in Lake View, not having signed up for any of this shit and living off of a massive stock pile and not trusting a single fucking person until she meets your character through the door like Natasha and takes a scientific interest in your character. Serana (Natasha's sister if I got the name wrong) is probably hiding out in Jess' tent, having a location close to Cherry's lab and maybe close to the innevitable secret underground tunnels where shit is still going on with this rift in reality, manipulating Jess into thinking that she needs her help surviving. Meanwhile, Jess is likely who she says she is and the locked cabin is likely her stock pile.

But if Jess is secretly evil, the locked cabin in her area is probably the entrance to the innevitable secret underground tunnels where Serana is, Ann is probably tied up in the tent for interrogations or something, and the barricaded cabin probably has a secret survivor within or a pile of dead bodies and or zombies.

This is an issue I've been having trying to get to the community via my browser where I've been trying for a long time (Even having had tweeted at Siren about it, thinking she may have taken down the community temporarily for whatever reason) but I can get at it via the Itch app just fine. Anyone else experienced this?


I mean that i I wanted to I could probably go back and find the website I was playing on,  but I don't need to worry about trying to get back my save because in the Itch app I already got to the end of the current version, and sorry, I don't get on Itch every day, and things are a bit odd, so I didn't notice the notification.

Yeah. Maybe we'll have to put a bullet in his face, or maybe he'll be a trader.

Nope. I could probably go find it if I didn't already get to an end game point.

I guess it's just a nice little secret we have to go find, like the photos. Still wondering about that other NPC I found but couldn't talk to.

I was looking around for a third photo, and saw another character, blonde with a blue shirt, could've been a boy or a girl, I was too far away to interact with them, but after looking at them a question mark appeared above their head and they walked away. Anyone have any information on what to do going forward?

Probably a dumb question, but not seeing mention of it in the guide or on here, has anybody else gotten into the room Cherry the Professor is in, or is this somehow something that's just sailing under the radar?

When I first started playing this game, I found it on a website that let me play the game through the browser, and now that I'm familiar with, I went ahead and downloaded the App and installed the game. I made it all the way through to the end, and had everything set up for the next update, does anyone know of anyway I can convert my save file over so I don't have to start all over?

Something guys that don't give a damn and are content running around with zombies and a harem enjoying the game.

Zombie's Retreat community · Created a new topic 4 Beds

I noticed there are only 4 rooms (plus a bathroom and a sort of heist planning table room) in the basement, does this mean we can only expect 1 more girl to save before the game is going to focus on escaping or something or is this just a placeholder and there will be more rooms and girls soon?

Oh, is there a character announced named Ashley?