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No worries!



Email sent! 

Playing on Deck right now! There's a couple small glitches I'm noticing. Not sure if they're Steam (Deck) specific. Any where particular to send the details?

ehhh lol

Just have to budget groceries, rent, bills but, definitely plan on grabbing Bad Writer on Deck and this on Switch if I can this pay. Next pay for sure if not.

It is! Added to the Wishlist until payday 😁


I definitely will!

Awesome!! I should be able to finally order my Steam Deck tomorrow so if Bad Writer works on Deck I'll be able to get em both on (technically lol) console then!!

That it is haha

Oh dear lord LOL

Can't wait to see!

So, this is super cute looking along with fun sounding gameplay! Look forward to seeing more!

Wishlisted! Excited for the new news!

That's exciting news then!! I definitely feel like this is a game I'll play cross platforms heh and no worries on the Canada delay! I totally understand it's a lot of work, and you have a new game that needs focusing on too! 

Watching a bunch of Steam Deck vids as mine should be coming soonish, and see they mention and made me wonder if this would work through it? It's Linux based so I'm thinking maybe not? I'm gunna grab a Windows copy here soon until it's on Nintendo Canada anyhow, but thought that might be an option too heh

This looks amazing! Can't wait!

Oh, that's odd they require that! Totally understand it might take longer for that. Sending email now :)

Been sick so out of the loop. Exciting news, but I can't seem to access it. I'm in Canada if it makes a difference. Doesn't show up in eshop or once I'm logged into my Nintendo account  😭

So awesome!!! Will keep my fingers crossed for Android too down the line, but definitely nabbing it on Switch when it's available!!

Awesome! 😁

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Totally understandable. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed as I'd love to play this "on the go" too 😁 Fingers crossed!

Any chance you're considering Android or console (Switch preferably heh) release in the future?