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Thanks for the comments. Yeah feedback is definitely not clear to the player. It also doesn't help that the sprites aren't at 1:1 scale. I will think on ideas of conveying what the input is actually parsing to the screen. It may need some sophisticated system to perhaps build visual components of the face into the speech bubble.

Thanks so much for giving it a play! :)

I was really impressed with this and you did a great job with your first project in Unity! I'm with Reverend Speed. Feedback was really well indicated in this. The lines the ships travel on and the blast radius quickly indicated to me how to most effectively time my shots. This gave me a compelling reason to risk losing but waiting for the ships to make their turn further down the line for a better score. Again really good job!

Thanks for the comments!

Particles in such a low-fi concept look gorgeous!

Thank you, I definitely thought the Pico 8 lent itself to a Nostromo-like UI.

Thanks a lot, yeah, player feedback is really lacking with entering and visualing that input. But as long as I converted you into a Monster drink drinker, then my job is done. :p

Thanks a bunch for checking it out!