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Hey there! Played this again after seeing yall did an update. Still enjoying it and trying to beat my time.  Played as Vivi. I definitely liked the wave style combat more than the whole mob at once. At first I was having  a bit of trouble and she felt kinda slow but I think that was just me, further in I got more comfortable and she still felt kinda slow but I was able to get the combat flow better.  Not sure if this was a new addition but I loved the sound and light alert when the enemy was about to attack. Really helped keep track of what was going on. And speaking of, I found sometimes that the targeting kinda got locked on a specific enemy when I was trying to to target a different one, though again that may have been me trying to move too fast. Also, I really like the mechanic where Vivi would launch an enemy in the air after charging her gun attack. It might be super cool to be able to juggle enemies in the air. 

Anyways, keep up the amazing work! Yall have something great here! 

The design looks great! The game flowed well and was a lot of fun. I mostly played the gun fighter and she was awesome. One thing I really liked was when she dodged there was a light shadow left behind.

Reading through the book now. Super happy I backed this project. My group is really looking forward to playing a game from the other side of the table!