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This is great, and the fact that it's animated is fantastic! You kind of remind me of Dan Deacon in this format.

Really cool concept. That flash of color from what I assume is another portrait hanging in the gallery is very intriguing .

I should do it too... Don't tell anyone, but I've actually only seen one or two eps of Buffy; I just needed a recognizable box.

Not a reference, just a guy watching his Buffy box set. Thanks!

Yo, JSYK, some dweeb stole this to make an NFT:
You can report it here:

12 is my record. Very cute, simple fun! The controls are indeed tricky, which is the biggest problem. I love that there's multiplayer, although the UFOs could maybe stand to be more differentiated. Great job!

Very aesthetically pleasing! The main flaw I see is there's basically no sense of "fairness," and it's difficult to recover from impossible rolls. Maybe there could be some other way to recover cores? Like you get to roll all the dice you saved and you get a core if you roll any sixes instead of getting points for them? I also feel like the attack range of the brute and striker could be extended, which would be both a blessing and curse.

Very interesting how the stars seem to be waltzing around the planet. You chose details very well to fit the limitation. Great job!

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I admitted defeat at the double-door-single-cube puzzle. Very impressive, though. I did encounter one bug that killed me when passing through a portal just behind a cube I pushed through when the portal was up on a wall. Maybe I ended up between it and the wall as we fell, and it crushed me? Happened more than once at the same spot.

I also second the need for clearer exits.

Very peaceful

Beautiful details! I don't think I've seen this effect for creating something like a circular frame or matte before, and it looks very cute.

Very well done!


By far the most relaxing entry.

Good shaping!

One of my faves. I can see getting a lot of use out of it.


I'm worried that I get this reference...

This is a great start! Lots of good functionality. I wonder if there's a way to implement onion skin for animation frames. I love that you can grab and drag selections; that's such an improvement over Pico-8's built-in editor! A bit odd that when a selection is set, you can only draw outside of it. Most (all?) art apps work the opposite way.

I can't figure out what the number selector on the right side of the screen does. My first thought was layers (which would be amazing), but it doesn't seem to work that way.

Right. Sometimes you are the food.

I have to second the comment about the steam feeling pseudo-animated. It adds a lot to the scene. The pot is beautifully textured, and it's wild to see how little UV space it took to get such a detailed look.

Excellent combination of modelling and texturing. This is truly one of the cleanest looking PicoCAD models I've ever seen. Did you stack the paste texture on the cracker to achieve a subtle 3-dimensionality? I'm blown away by this level of polish. Nothing's even clipping! Sorry, I'll stop raving. But wow.

Thank you!

Is this a reference to the "Pizza Head Show" Pizza Hut ads? I can just hear his falsetto voice as this bird carries him off...

Easily top three. I have a feeling you'll win with this one! The arrangement and texturing are just TOO GOOD.

I like the details on the texture!


Good subtle shaping. The twisted stem gives a lot of character. It's too bad this didn't fit under into the limitation when it seems so close!


Is it a bowl of spaghetti in front of a computer screen with a cat video on it?

If you 'invert' a mesh by dragging one sides vertices to the other, it will be rendered inside-out, as if you are looking into an open box. That's how most people do skyboxes. There's a lot of useful info in this guide: Inverting is at the top of the linked page.

Gorgeous. Virtual Boy Kirby's Super Parfait when?

He winked at me!

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I was also mildly surprised one of the fighters wasn't Mr Game & Watch, but I guess if everybody's gonna be flat, might as well not limit yourself to him.

[edit] I also have a wasted primitive in mine, so I get it. I go back and forth on whether to go back and change it; sometimes a project just has to be done... I look forward to seeing whatever you choose to do with this, though.

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Sometimes I miss Melee :,) This is so well-polished. I love it. Very interesting that the top surface uses two separate textures. Does that reduce wobble?
[edit] I love that you made room for the Smash logo and loss.jpg in your texture, too XD

Great idea!

Impressively moody!

Very cute! The tree is watching me....

I love the flowing waves.

Those columns really seem to pop off of the model. Very charming diorama.