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thanks so much for the indepth review and I am genuinly thrilled that you liked it

I don't have et available anywhere else, at least not yet

thanks so much for the feedback and I'm glad that you liked it

the teddy bear is just a pick up, you have to set the radio in the basement to 102 to make the girl appear (she will try and speak to you via the radio)

There is no plans to continue the game as it stands right now, though the rest of the story is written. I might come back to this game eventually, but this is where it stands for now.

thanks so much

thank you so much for taking the time with my game

thanks so much for the video

thanks so much for making this video

thanks so much for the video!!!

I am a game dev and I have recently tried my hand with a point'n'click/visual novel hybrid game that takes place after the end of the world. This is the second episode of the game where you meet and have to take care of a young child, lost in the apocalypse. I would love some feedback from my fellow Itch.IO creaters and some input on what I could improve , please let me know.

The game is called "the magnet - first night" and can be found here:

I hope to have the second episode out very soon

if you are looking for a PC build, then it would be the one called PC

there are only two of the computers that need to be off, the rest should be on

thank you

hey folks

I just released a small 2D adventure game called "a missing moon" where you play as a young girl called Isolde who realises that the moon has gone missing. 

It is now up to you to figure out what happened to the moon and who stole it. you can play the game here: 

hey. it is supposed to be a standalone story from the first chapter, which you can find here:

thanks for the fature

thanks for the fature and I will look into those bugs as soon as I can

I still don't know why it restarted, but I have just uploaded a version where that hopefully shouldn't happen

We have a story that we are going to be following. The story is going to follow Aske, who has contracted the disease, which has brought most of europe to its knees. A cure has been developed, which is in the hands of his estranged mother and leader of a resistance movement. The whole game will chronicle the relationship and power dynamic between Aske and his mother