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these are super awesome, thanks for the support

This is the full game, that is to say the version that used to be payed now made free

yep, it's on newgrounds

you got all of the endings. congrats.

I might write more about these characters, I don't know yet

Thank you so much for the let's play and I'm glad that you enjoyed the game

I'm sorry

I'll email you

The main menu background has several animations. It changes every time you play through the game, so show that you have made progress. For the most part, these are made using transforms and then added to the screens.rpy file.

The outline added to the text is really easy. I just added this line to the project:

define gui.dialogue_text_outlines = [(2, "#D20C81", 0, 0)]

I'm not sure I understand the questio

No, if you picked a name in the first playthrough, then you're stuck with it

You fab to this, if you want to, I'm not gonna judge

This is super cool! I will say that you stopped before you got any ending at all. You have to play through the game a couple more times to get the ending.

there are a couple of lets plays that go through the endings, if you don't wanna play through them yourself

As I said, there are 4 endings. By that, I mean that you can play the 3rd version of the game in 4 different ways. Doing this should give you all the answers that you are looking for

this was really cool, thanks for the playthrough

Thanks so much for the playthrough, this was so cool! I love how invested you got

did you start the game 3 times?

To get the actual for real finished ending, you're gonna have to do that

thanks so much for the in-depth comment. I really appreciate your thought on the game and I think you captured some of the main themes in the game really well.

The second playthrough of the game can go one of 2 ways and the 3rd can go one of 4 ways.

This is all dependant on how you play the game the first time around.

So, I think what's being asked here is whether or not Ovium can go into my code and check it out. You know, see how I made stuff work. Then take the ideas and some of the code I have written and use in their own project.

Seeing as this game is pretty bog-standard, from a coding perspective, I have no problem with this. 

If you want to use my game to learn some more tips and tricks in Renpy, then I say go for it.

Hey there.
Go ahead and steal some code, that is totally fine

There is no plans to continue the game as it stands right now, though the rest of the story is written. I might come back to this game eventually, but this is where it stands for now.

I am a game dev and I have recently tried my hand with a point'n'click/visual novel hybrid game that takes place after the end of the world. This is the second episode of the game where you meet and have to take care of a young child, lost in the apocalypse. I would love some feedback from my fellow Itch.IO creaters and some input on what I could improve , please let me know.

The game is called "the magnet - first night" and can be found here:

I hope to have the second episode out very soon

if you are looking for a PC build, then it would be the one called PC

there are only two of the computers that need to be off, the rest should be on

thank you

hey folks

I just released a small 2D adventure game called "a missing moon" where you play as a young girl called Isolde who realises that the moon has gone missing. 

It is now up to you to figure out what happened to the moon and who stole it. you can play the game here: 

hey. it is supposed to be a standalone story from the first chapter, which you can find here:

thanks for the fature

thanks for the fature and I will look into those bugs as soon as I can